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Backroad GPS Maps
On microSD card with SD adapter!
Garmin GPS, BaseCamp and MapSource compatible

Save 10% on all Backroad GPS Maps until September 4, 2016!
Prices have been changed to reflect the sale pricing.

Available for the following provinces:
arrow Yukon new!
arrow British Columbia
arrow Alberta
arrow Alberta & BC
arrow Western Canada - covers AB, BC, SK & MB
arrow Saskatchewan
arrow Manitoba
arrow Prairies - covers AB, SK & MB
arrow Ontario
arrow Newfoundland & Labrador
arrow Nova Scotia
arrow New Brunswick
arrow Atlantic Canada - covers NS, NB, NL & PEI

The Backroad GPS Maps of Canada are designed to take you beyond the city and into the outdoors. With countless logging, industrial and bush roads, an elaborate trail system, wildlife management units and thousands of recreational points of interest, no other Garmin map source provides as much detail for Canada’s vast wilderness areas. We have BC GPS maps with 20,000 scale topographic maps, Alberta GPS maps with industrial roads, Manitoba maps with paddling routes, Ontario GPS maps showing trail systems, Nova Scotia GPS maps highlighting fishing hot spots, New Brunswick GPS Maps providing snowmobile routes, and much more.


  • Garmin™ GPS, Basecamp™ & MapSource™, and RoadTrip™ compatible
  • 10,000, 20,000 & 50,000 scale maps (depending on the province/area)
  • Detailed shaded relief for all of Canada 
  • 3D perspective on select Garmin GPS units and Basecamp™
  • The most complete logging, industry and bush road coverage available for Canada
  • Smart routing for forest service roads and industry roads
  • Thousands of trail systems, including defined ATV, snowmobile & multi-use trails
  • Defined paddling routes
  • Geo-referenced city and backcountry recreation Points of Interest including campsites, fishing hot spots, trail locations, backroad attractions and more
  • Search for Backroad Mapbook recreation information using the Whereto function
  • Smart background and searchable Wildlife Management Units for anglers and hunters
  • Tens of thousands of searchable cities, geographic land and water features
  • Updated city & rural streets
  • Ontario Crown and Private/Restricted Land identified
  • Searchable Alberta, Manitoba & Saskatchewan Township & Range Sections
  • Searchable Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba & Nova Scotia Addresses
  • Seamless topographic maps
  • Improved contour and elevation information including: summits, peaks and geographic points
  • And much, much more

Note: All the standard Garmin GPS map features like seamless topographic maps, the find tool to locate nearby city, water or recreation features, 10,000 - 50,000 scale geographic points and city navigation are all part of the Backroad GPS Maps package.

Adding to the Garmin GPS maps is the patented Backroad Mapbook Points of Interest or recreation descriptions. This information makes GPS Maps of BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario that much more useful since you can cross reference what fish are in the lakes, how long that trail is or what type of campsite you will be visiting. As an added bonus, you also get city details like roads, parks and points of interest to allow you to navigate with confidence of a good road and Canadian topographic GPS map taking you from your home into the backcountry and back again. You can even use the Backroad GPS Maps in MapSource and Basecamp.

The topographic Alberta GPS maps include Canadian Rockies GPS maps, Central Alberta GPS maps, Northern Alberta GPS maps and Southern Alberta GPS maps. Further east it covers all of Saskatchewan and Manitoba with 1:20,000 and/or 1:50,000 scale topographic features and our patented Backroad Mapbook road, trail and recreation information. 

There is no better Garmin GPS map source for the prairies. Plus Ontario topographic GPS maps covering southern Ontario GPS maps, Cottage Country Ontario GPS maps, Eastern Ontario GPS maps and northern Ontario GPS maps. Adding to thecoverage are Nova Scotia GPS maps, New Brunswick GPS maps and Atlantic Canada GPS maps that are now available in the licenced Garmin GPS map lineup.

Points of Interest (POI)

Unique to the Backroad GPS Maps are our Custom or Backroad POI sets. Within each province we have close to 100,000 searchable points. You can use these to help navigate by selecting the Whereto and then Go! option or read what each site offers through the More option. This added feature to our GPS Maps gives you the descriptions or write-ups of most recreation sites that have been geo-referenced from the popular Backroad Mapbook guidebook series. 

Map Legend

Unique to the Backroad GPS Maps are our enhanced road classifications that help you distinguish the highways from the logging roads and the main roads from the side roads. This extra level of road classification helps you to know which roads can be driven in a car and which ones should be left to a four-wheel drive vehicle or ATV. In addition, we offer more recreational points and symbols than any other map source. From RV accessible to backcountry campsites, hiking to snowmobiling trailheads, fishing to paddling access points, we have your adventure covered. Our area classifications include mines and gravel pits, conservation and restricted areas, and a host of other features that help you see where you can play.

map legend


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How to use Backroad POI extras on a Nuvi

How to use Backroad POI extras on an Oregon

Available for the following provinces:
arrow Yukon new!
arrow British Columbia
arrow Alberta
arrow Alberta & BC
arrow Western Canada - covers AB, BC, SK & MB
arrow Saskatchewan
arrow Manitoba
arrow Prairies - covers AB, SK & MB
arrow Ontario
arrow Newfoundland & Labrador
arrow Nova Scotia
arrow New Brunswick
arrow Atlantic Canada - covers NS, NB, NL & PEI

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arrow Northern Alberta
arrow Central Alberta
arrow Southern Alberta
arrow Canadian Rockies
arrow Northern BC
arrow The Kootenay Rockies BC

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Backroads Mapbooks GPS maps - logging roads
Routable City, Logging and Backroads

Backroads Mapbooks GPS maps - ATV routes
Hiking, ATV and Snowmobile Trails

Backroads Mapbooks GPS maps - georeferenced rec features
Recreation Features

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