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Q. How much does each Etopo CD cost?
A. The price of each Etopo CD varies depending on the quantity of maps and the area of coverage. On average each CD is $99.95CDN.

Q. What is in the Etopo Package?
A. Each Etopo CD comes with .png map images, Memory Map, Fugawi, and OziExplorer calibrations, a large scale index map, free Memory Map Demo Viewer software, and helpful documentation to get you up and running quickly.

Q. Why would I buy Etopo maps instead of scanning my own maps?
A. Etopo maps are colour-corrected, converted to .PNG files and calibrated. You don't have to spend extra money on paper maps that you don't need.

Q. What kind of maps are they?
A. They are topographical maps at scales of 1:1,000,000 - 1:250,000 - 1:50,000.

Q. Where does the information for the Etopo maps come from?
A. The maps are provided under license by the Canadian Federal Government

Q. Are Etopo maps seamless? Do they have margins? Do they Show Township and Range?
A. Etopo maps are seamless when used with Memory Map Software (both the free and the registered versions). Individually they do have margins and they show the Township and Range grid.

Q. Are Etopo maps metric or imperial?
A. They can be either metric or imperial depending on when they were published.

Q. When were the maps published?
A. From the 1940's to the present.

Q. Do they have digital elevation models? Are they 3-D
A. No. The maps are not digital elevation models, but 1:250,000 scale elevation data is included when used with Memory Map.

Q. Is the legend still on the maps?
A. The legend is included as a seperate file that is installed with each CD. It is named legend.png and you can find it in the directory you installed the maps into.

Q. Is the projection consistent?
A. Yes, but the datum can be either NAD27 or NAD83 depending on when the map was published.

Q. Do I need software to view Etopo maps?
A. Etopo maps can be viewed with the free Memory Map Demo software provided with each CD, with an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Fireworks, etc. Or even directly with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Q. What are .PNG, .JPG and .MAP files and what are they used for?
A. .PNG files are Portable Network Graphic files that can be used in combination with .jpr files and .map files to georeference any map image. .PNG files can be viewed on their own in an image editor or with the Memory Map, OziExplorer, or Fugawi software. .JPR files are calibration files for use with Memory Map and Fugawi. .MAP files are calibration files for use with OziExplorer.

Q. Do Etopo maps have to be used with OziExplorer?
A. No. Etopo maps can be used with Fugawi, Memory Map, or with only an image viewer.

Q. How do I print maps to scale?
A. Maps can be printed from OziExplorer, Fugawi or Memory Map Software. If you are only using the map viewer software, you need a program such as Adobe Photoshop, Print Shop Pro etc. to print the maps.

Q. Can I upload Etopo maps to my GPS unit? How do I use Etopo maps with a GPS unit?
A. You can upload/download waypoints, routes and tracks only. You need OziExplorer, Memory Map, or Fugawi software to use Etopo maps with a GPS unit.

Q. Can I use Etopo maps on my Garmin iQue M5?
A. Yes. To use with Memory Map or OziCE choose COM2 for the GPS output

Q. Are Etopo maps compatible with Autocad software?
A. Yes, you can import Etopo maps into AutoCAD but they will not be georeferenced.

Q. Can I use Etopo, OziExplorer, Fugawi and Memory Map on more than one user station?
A. No, all of these products are single user licenses only.

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