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Lowrance MapCreate Catalogue

MapCreate products have been discontinued by Lowrance.

Lowrance MapCreate TOPO maps give you land-based topographic contour lines with elevations of either the United States or Canada (depending on the one you choose) to help you better navigate your trail. MapCreate features a unique "cookie cutter" feature that lets you set the boundaries for the map areas you want to download from the DVD to an SD card. This not only speeds up the process, but also conserves memory space, since you're only loading the map sections you need! As a result, you can often download multiple map segments to a single card.

Some Features Include:

Exclusive hunting databases feature Public Lands, Wildlife Management Areas WMAs, and Wildlife or Game Management Units (WMUs & GMUs), Provincial/State roadways, rivers/lakes/ponds/streams, marine navigation aids, and 2,000,000 searchable points of interest (US version) and more! Click on the MapCreate products below for get more information.

MapCreate Topo USA V7 & Accessory Pack

A Note for Windows Vista Users:

Some Windows Vista users experience incompatibility with Lowrance MapCreate Maps. If you are experiencing troubles this procedure is distributed as a temporary possible solution for some Vista applications, until such time as full compatibility can be further investigated.

This procedure references Windows Vista Business Edition and is distributed for informational purposes only. You may find some variances between Vista versions. You may encounter other incompatibility issues with other Vista versions.

Note: Disable all antivirus programs, before beginning this installation.

1. Place the #1 CD in the CD drive. Wait for Vista’s AutoPlay to start. On the Autorun window, select the second option "Open folder to review files". A window will open, showing the files and folders. Note: The same procedure can be done with Windows Explorer at any time.

2. Right click on the Setup InstallShield Wizard program icon in that window. A Menu will then appear. Left click on Properties.

3. On the Properties Window, select the "Compatibility" tab.

4. Under "Compatibility Mode for", click on "Windows XP (sp 2)".

5. Under "Privilege Level", put a check mark on "Run this program as an administrator".

6. Then click on "Apply” and “OK”, to save those settings. The window will close and the CD files window will be shown again.

7. Right click on the same Setup InstallShield Wizard program icon, again. When the Menu appears, left click on Open. The InstallShield Wizard window will then open. Click on Continue. Another window will open. Click on OK. The License window will appear. Click on “I Agree”. Then click on Next. 3 types of Installations will appear. For this application, we will select Full. The #1 CD will begin to install. As each CD completes installation, a window will appear, asking for the next disk number. After putting the requested disk in the drive and closing the drawer, wait for the Vista Autorun window to appear. Close that window by clicking on the red “X” in the upper right corner. Then click on OK, in the CD request window.

8. When installing CD #6, different Error windows may appear. On each Error window, click OK to continue. After the last Error window is “OK’d”, another prompt window will appear, asking if you want a shortcut. Select your preference. The window will prompt you to select the Card Reader. Remove the checkmarks from both boxes (this device will be installed later). Click on Next. When asked to Restart the computer, select No. Click on Finish, to complete the installation. The Program Compatibility Mode Assistance Window will open. Close that window.

9. You will now be back at the My Computer window. Be sure the USB Reader is connected directly to the computer.

10. Right Click on the USB2_MMC_Reader folder. A menu will appear. Left click on Properties. Click on the Compatibility Tab. Under Run this in Compatibility Mode, Select or re-select (if already has checkmarks) XP (SP2). Under the Run this program as an Administrator, put a checkmark in that box. Then click on Apply, then OK. This will close the window and you will be back at the My Computer window. Locate the USB2_MMC_Reader folder. Right click on that folder. A menu will appear. Left Click on Open. A User Account Warning Window will open. Left Click on Allow.

11. The InstallShield window will open. Click on Next. The setup Status Window will open. When the software has installed click on Finish. Close the windows and Restart the Computer.

12. When the desktop has reloaded, locate the Mapcreate desktop Icon. Right click on the icon, left click on Properties, and select the compatibility tab. Be sure that both Compatibility Mode and Admin Mode are selected. Click Apply and OK. Repeat the same with the MapCreate icon on the All Programs Menu.

13. Now, open MapCreate. Insert an MMC/SD card into the Reader. Click on Tools/Card Registry, in the MapCreate Menu bar. A window will open. Verify that a registration number does appear in that window, click on Register Card. Click OK to confirm, then click on Done.

Note: If the card is an SD card and it does not register with MapCreate, try placing the SD card in the unit. Turn the unit on and select Browse Files. Press Enter and select the card/drive. Press Enter and select MMC Information. Select Create Card File ID. Select Yes to save that ID to the card. Then take the card and install it in the USB reader again. Follow the same procedures as with the MMC. The card should now show a serial number. Select Register Card and then Done.

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