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A laptop GPS navigation system for automotive or marine use provides the advantage of a larger display than is offered by handheld GPS receivers and also allows the option of feeding GPS location data into mapping software that can display detail, which cannot be downloaded into a GPS receiver.

GPS Options
GPS receivers with a display: Most GARMIN handheld GPS receivers can be used to connect to a laptop and can also be used as a stand-alone GPS receiver for occasions when you do not wish to be tied to your laptop.*
Non-display models: A number of GPS receivers without a display of their own can also be used to provide GPS data to your laptop application. Our range includes models that will feed GPS data into a laptop via a serial port or USB port and Bluetooth enabled models.

Software Options
• Moving Map Software is available that can display detail on a laptop and can also accept real-time location input from a GPS to show your position as you move.
GARMIN's MapSource (discontinued) and Magellan's MapSend (discontinued) programs can be used as a Moving Map Display as well as allowing download of map detail to compatible GARMIN and Magellan GPS receivers.
CoPilot Live | Laptop 8 navigation/mapping software (discontinued) can be used with third-party GPS receivers that are NMEA compatible.
• If your requirement is for navigation using raster topographic detail on a laptop then a program such as OziExplorer or Fugawi teamed with digital mapping products such as those offered by Spectrum Digital Imaging (discontinued) or Fugawi could be the answer.
• For large screen marine navigation consider a GPS teamed with Moving Map Software and, for example, Digital Ocean electronic chart products.
• One of our range of GPS models may provide the data input you need for your own specialized GPS application software.

Mounting Options
• A range of safe and secure RAM laptop mounting options for both automobile and marine use are available from National Products Inc.
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RAM Laptop Tray

Handheld GPS OEM/ Sensor
GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS
All Magellan handheld models GlobalSat BR-355-S4 Serial GPS
Moving Map Software BT-821 Bluetooth GPS
OziExplorer Moving Map Software GlobalSat ND-100C microUSB GPS Receiver
Fugawi Garmin GPS 16x series
GARMIN MapSource Garmin GPS 18x series
iGuidance North America Laptop Mounting Systems
Digital Mapping Products RAM No Drill Vehicle Mounts for laptops
Spectrum Digital Imaging Topographic Maps RAM Vehicle & Marine Mounts for laptops
Digital Ocean Nautical Charts  
Fugawi Land & Street Maps  

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