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PatchMap | AGMAP on SD Card...

PatchMap is now available on SD card. Welcome to the most complete and concise set of digital road datasets covering the oil and gas areas of Alberta and BC - in existence anywhere! Plug & play these SD maps with any Garmin nuvis that have text-to-speech functionality, i.e. 'speaks street names'.

PatchMap™ is Oil & Gas Patch specific mapping containing Well sites, Compressor sites, Plant sites, Batteries, Satellites, Misc. Facilities, the Township and BC's PNG Grids and thousands of geographical points. BROCHURE (pdf)

Are you tired of your crews getting lost?
Are the hand written directions from clients not cutting it?
Do you hate trying to justify a bill for time spent while lost?

If you want the flexibility and convenience of moving the maps from GPS to GPS (Garmin only), this product is for you. Both PatchMap SD™ and PatchMap Topo SD™ are locked to the SD card and not to the Garmin ID. However, for those who require monthly map updates and other features, please see PatchMap Dispatch™ PC in DVD format.

General Information

The SD card can be moved from Garmin to Garmin with no issues.
Duplicating the card is possible, but the mapset is unreadable.
These SD cards can be updated online or through our new PatchMap™ DVD.
They cannot be updated from previous versions of PatchMap™

Product Summaries


This product is a unique compilation of digital Oilfield road maps containing Alberta, Saskatchewan & BC's Wellsites, Compressorsites and Plantsites; entire LSD Township Grid / NTS (PNG) Grid and thousands of geographical points. This tool makes directing / routing crews or yourself to wellsite locations a snap. Free LSD conversion built right into the map. PatchMap alsop contains contours and cutlines/ seismic lines which are displayed as dashed green lines on the Garmin. Lat & Long conversions no longer required!

With PatchMap you can:
• Search for wellsites by bottomhole/ERCB wellname and route to the surface location
• Search by ERCB license number, Operator Name or type of Facility (Wellsite, Compressorsite, Plantsite)
• Learn well info: Operator name, Spud date, Currnet operator, Drill path, Strike zone and Rec certs in BC
• Learn oil field well info – operator name, license date, current operator, drill path, and strike zone.
• See radio frequencies and kilometer posts
• Winter and all-weather roads/access

Updates: Updates are available 3-4 times each year obtainable only from SkyBase directly (cost $75/each)

PatchMap: Favorite of Service Companies big and small: hotshots, salesmen, truckers, oilfield workers. Also used by Consultants, Seismic Supervisors and Surveyors for route design and ground truthing.

play GPS Tutorial - How to Find a Wellsite using PatchMap

This brand new product was built specifically for those who need to navigate to farmers, at home or in the fields. Every 1/4 section within the surveyed portion of the Township System from NE BC to the Eastern Manitoba Border can be found in the dataset.  A good software road map is required for this to work properly; we suggest the Garmin Nuvi series. See PDF AgMap info here.

AgMap Features:

• Legals searchable by quarter section
• Visible quarter line boundaries
• Dynamic map provides “real-time” legal land locations as you drive

AgMap: Favorite of Seed Company Reps and Inspectors, Farm Equipment & Tire Service Techs, Farm Bankers and Relatives who haven't visited for a while.

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PatchMap Brochure.
How To Find a Wellsite
Memory cards

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LSD PatchMap on Garmin 1

LSD PatchMap on Garmin 3


Recent Special Projects with SkyBase Geomatic PatchMap products:
• 3D seismic programs - all shot/receiver points and lines
• Pine Beetle survey - w/helicopter flightlines

• Misc. Alberta Blunder Check Maps in MapSource format
- Counties and Municipalities
- White and Green Zones
- Forestry Management Units
- Forestry Management Agreements
- Traplines
- Wildlife Management Unit


SkyBase PatchMap TOPO on SD card - AB, SK, NE BC
SkyBase AgMap on SD card - From NE BC to Eastern MB border

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