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Shadow Tracker Pro Mapping Software (Canada)


The Pro Software is compatible with the entire Shadow TrackerT product line. It offers the fullest range and scale of features. The Pro Software comes in two versions, one for wireless Shadow TrackersT (Premier, 2000) and one for manual downloads (Junior and Performer).

Available in Stand Alone and Network Versions: 1 and 5 concurrent user licenses available for LAN users.
Track Playback: Animates the drivers route on the map.  You can sit and watch your drivers every move.
Track Details: Split screen view of the route on the map and text report.
Unlimited Pinpoints: Pinpoints refer to locations that you mark on the map and assign a name. This feature is useful for users that service the same businesses on routine basis. Once a location has been assigned a name, this name will be displayed on the reports in lieu of an address range.
State Mileage Report: Useful for companies determining mileage for DOT reporting.
Report Idle Time Report: Indicates when your driver stops for a user specified amount of time without turning off the ignition. If fuel consumption is an issue, then this report will be a great asset.
Speed Bar: Your driver's route is color coded when it is displayed on the map. The colors represent a 10 MPH or 5 MPH speed range. This allows you to see how fast your driver was driving in a specific area. Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. holds a patent on this feature.

Compatible Units:
Shadow TrackerT Junior
Shadow TrackerT Performer
Shadow TrackerT Premier

Canadian mapping detail from DMTI included!

System Requirements:
• OS - Windows NT (SP6), 2000(SP4), XP
• Internet Explorer 6
• CPU - Intel Pentium 4 - 1 Ghz
• RAM - 256 MB min, (512 recommended)
• HardDrive - 1.5 GB free space
• CD-ROM Drive
• Open 9-pin COM port
• Monitor

Software Comparison:

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Pro Mapping Software (Canada):
The Pro Software allows users to zoom into the action and see, from a bird's eye perspective down to a street-by-street basis, exactly what their employees are up to. This screen shot demonstrates the broad scope a user can derive from the software.
The zoom process is as simple as right clicking and dragging the dashed cursor around the area to be enlarged. Here we have an example of a zoom in progress, also notice the speed bar and the color coded route. Determining employee speeds is extremely easy to accomplish.
At street level we can clearly see stops marked by a red stop sign. Clicking on these stops pops up a summary of the stop: stop number, time, location, and duration. This makes it a breeze to determine where and when your employees were at certain locations.
The "Track Details" feature allows you to view all stops in text fashion while looking at the route on the map. You can also click on a specific stop number and the map will automatically jump to and center over that stop.
Shadow Tracker Pro Mapping Software
Single site License (Jr) + Canada Map Data
(Canada only)
Shadow Tracker Pro Mapping Software
Single site License (Performer) + Canada Map Data (Canada only)
Shadow Tracker Premier Mapping Software
Single site License (Premier) + Canada Map Data
(Canada only)
USER NOTE: At present, Shadow Tracker Pro software can be used with EITHER Canada Map Data OR US Map Data. A future version of Shadow Tracker Pro software will provide for use of data for both US and Canada. In the meantime, if you wish to use your Shadow Tracker device for basic track recording in the US, tracks for the US can be imported to some other mapping programs. NB: This workaround is unsupported and is suggested by GPS Central as an interim solution for experienced computer users only. Shadow Tracker Canada tracking reports in the US will contain basic data only (e.g. stop and start, max speed and mileage). Shadow Tracker US Map Data packages may be special ordered if required as an alternative to the Canadian bundles offered above; these CANNOT be used as an add on to a Canadian Map Data package.

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