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Alpha Delta Antenna Hardware Kit - DELTA-C

Wire Antenna Component Type: Center and end insulators
Feedline Connection Type: UHF female, SO-239
Center Insulator Hanging Hole: Yes
Adapts to Baluns: No
Cable Strain Relief Included: No
Center Insulator Maximum Wire Size: 2-gauge
Center Insulator Maximum Rope Size: 0.313 in.
Center Insulator Width: 3.920 in.
Center Insulator Height: 3.000 in.
Center Insulator Depth: 1.000 in.
End Insulator Maximum Wire Size: 4-gauge
End Insulator Maximum Rope Size: 0.250 in.
End Insulator Width: 1.000 in.
End Insulator Diameter: 1.735 in.
End Insulator Length: 2.920 in.
Quantity: Sold as a kit.
Notes: SEP arc-plug must be removed for operation above 2:1 SWR

Alpha Delta Antenna Hardware Kits contain one DELTA-C Center Insulator, antenna connection hardware, one model SEP arc-plug static electricity protector that is installed on the back of the DELTA-C, and two model DELTA-CIN End Insulators. These kits are a great way to build wire antennas!

The antenna hardware is constructed using Alpha Delta's exclusive Model Delta-C Center Insulators and model CIN End Insulators. They're molded from Deltalloy, an extremely tough and durable plastic specifically blended to withstand sunlight and extreme weather conditions. 

An SO-239 connector is provided for a direct connection to the PL-259 on your coaxial cable. Or, a ladder-line balanced feedline may be connected directly to the dipole wire ends. If a balanced feedline is used with an antenna tuner in non-resonant applications, the SEP arc-plug must be removed to prevent the "false triggering" of the gas tube. 

The ALP-SEP arc-plug static electricity protector is a special gas tube component designed to bleed off slow-rising static electricity buildup generated by thunderstorms, high-wind driven snow, sand, or even a harmless looking cloudy day. These static charges have been measured to several thousand volts and can damage or destroy sensitive components in receivers' or transceivers' front-end circuitry.


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PDf Alpha Delta DELTA-C Instructions

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Alpha Delta Antenna Hardware Kit


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