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Alpha Delta
F Connector Coaxial Cable Surge Protector

Protector Type: DC pass
Protector Equipment Connector: Type F, female
Protector Antenna Connector: Type F, female
Protector Mount: Stud
Protector Power Rating: 200 W

Alpha Delta F Connector Coaxial Surge Protectors are rated for 200 or 2,000 watts at frequencies up to 3 GHz. 

They are not DC-blocked, so they will pass control and power voltages in applications requiring the coaxial cable to carry both RF and DC voltage. They can be easily mounted for the most effective grounding with their 1/4-20 in. stud in a single hole, or as a bulkhead through the grounding panel. 

In a study under the auspices of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, utilizing the satellite FORTE launched in 1997 carrying VHF lightning discharge sensors, it was determined that there can be damaging lightning energy emissions throughout the 30 through 300 MHz VHF spectrum. Before FORTE, it was thought that most lightning energy emissions were primarily in the VLF range. Therefore, the damage threat can be anywhere from VLF through VHF. 

Through the careful design of the Alpha Delta Arc-Plug® gas tube module and precision, constant impedance through-line allowing proper firing characteristics, these devices are designed to provide effective protection throughout this entire spectrum. Other surge protector designs may only utilize simple VLF filters with no gas tube backup.

Additional features include:

* Excellent broadband performance from DC through 3 GHz, compared to the narrow-band DC-blocked or stub designs. Typical dB loss: 0.1@ 1 GHz; 0.2@ 2 GHz; and 0.5@ 3 GHz. 
* Innovative impedance-compensated, through-line cavity design allows control voltages to pass through the devices, instead of the "wire-around" requirement of DC-blocked designs. This design allows "in-circuit" cable sweeps.
* Innovative, fast-acting gas tube replaceable Arc-Plug® module can be removed and replaced in the field in about one minute with no tools required, and without having to remove the protector from the circuit. The "O" ring sealed knurled knob does the trick!
* The Arc-Plug® module and connectors are "O" ring sealed for complete weatherproofing.
* Effective performance. Due to the carefully designed reactance-compensated, through-line cavity and Arc-Plug® module placement, customer and government test approvals show that this design is as good as, or better than, DC-blocked designs.



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Alpha Delta ATT3G50F Coax Surge Protector


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