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Backroad Mapbooks
Backcountry Maps
Canadian Rockies - 3rd Edition

Features & Benefits:
ISBN: 978-1-926806-57-0
Dimensions: 21.5cm x 28cm (8.5" x 11")
Pages: 208
Map Scale: 45 maps @ 1:200,000, 14 park & area maps @ 1:125,000–1,000,000, 5 city trail maps @ 1:30,000–60,000
Regional Cities/Parks: Banff, Elk Lakes, Jasper, Kootenay National Park, Hamber Provincial Park, Height of the Rockies, Kakwa, Lake Louise, Mount Assiniboine, Mount Robson, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Radium Hot Springs, Willmore Wilderness, Yoho National Park

Full Features & Benefits

This book focuses on the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks — an interconnected system of provincial and national parks covering more than 30,000 square kilometres (18,630 mi2). These parks vary in popularity and access – some see millions of visitors each year, while others see visitors in the tens of thousands. Some parks are easily accessed from a major highway, while others require rigorous journeys by foot, horse or plane. Each of these parks offers a unique twist on the dramatic landscapes that define the Rockies – towering mountain peaks, rushing rivers, ancient glaciers, wildflower-filled meadows, brilliant blue lakes and dense forests make up this outdoor paradise. With so much area to explore, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on where to go. Luckily, our Canadian Rockies Mapbook provides a well-organized and easy-to-use breakdown of the region’s parks to help you decide on the adventure that is right for you. With state-of-the-art topographic maps, detailed trip-planning resources and meticulously researched adventure listings, our Mapbook will ensure you make the most out of your Rockies experience.  

Canadian Rockies Backroad Mapbooks Features

Topographic Maps

In your durable, heavy-duty, spiral-bound 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11") Canadian Rockies map book you will find 45 detailed topographic maps spanning the region, complete with labeled recreation sites, amenities, highways, backcountry roads, trails and other points-of-interest. In this edition we have included six new maps covering the foothills south of Calgary and extending northwest to include Kakwa Interprovincial Park.

Unique to this Mapbook, we have also included Overview Point of Interest Maps as well as Detailed Topographic Maps at various scales for all of the National and Provincial Parks. These user-friendly maps boast a level of cartographic sophistication unparalleled even by government resources – making them the maps of choice for search-and-rescue.


Newly divided into Map and Adventure sections, our handy index makes this Mapbook a leading publication in terms functionality and quality. You’ll find page numbers and map coordinates for each activity and location, plus important numbers, distance charts and an advertiser list for easy referencing.

Tips & Techniques

New to this edition, an expansive Tips & Techniques section covers most activities popular in the Rockies parks. For camping, fishing, hunting, paddling, rock climbing, trails, wildlife viewing and winter activities in the National and Provincial Parks of the Rockies, this is where you will find everything you need to know about the backcountry.

Along with featuring two new parks (Kakwa Interprovincial Park and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park) this edition includes large and small scale topographic maps for each provincial and national park, making it easy to find the Canadian wilderness hotspot you are looking for. Park descriptions now include Things to Know, Things to See & Do, and expanded contact information. Trail charts for select parks list Backcountry Campsites and Day-Use Areas, while Winter Recreation charts have you covered for when the snow falls. From some of the top tourist destinations in the world to beautiful, secluded wilderness areas, this Mapbook has it all. 

Featured Parks:

Banff National Park

This is one of Canada’s top tourist destinations and, after visiting, it is easy to see why. Spectacular vistas, abundant wildlife, far-reaching trails and numerous day-use areas are some of the reasons why Banff receives over four million visitors each year. While the park’s popularity can make for packed trails, the further into the backcountry you get, the sparser the crowds become. With a bit of patience, it is not hard to escape into a serene and secluded wilderness area while hiking Banff National Park – our Canadian Rockies Mapbook is the perfect guide to get you away from it all! 

Elk Lakes Provincial Park

Located in the southwest corner of the area covered in this book, Elk Lake Provincial Park is famous for its spectacular outdoor recreation opportunities. Trails connect a series of immaculate mountain lakes that are fed by massive glaciers, creating a vibrant valley of forest and wetland lined on every side by steeply rising mountains. Hiking and camping around the Elk Lakes is one of the main attractions to the park, and our Mapbook contains all the details needed to get you there.

Hamber Provincial Park

Tucked away in a nook of Jasper National Park, this park shares much of the same scenery as its larger neighbour. There is no road access into this park, ensuring an authentic wilderness experience in a remote, solitary and very beautiful Canadian Rockies setting. Fishing on Fortress Lake is one of the main draws to the park, and you can find detailed information on Fortress and other hotspots in our Canadian Rockies Mapbook.

Height of the Rockies Provincial Park

With 26 peaks over 3,000 metres in height, this aptly named park offers plenty of challenges for hikers and rock climbers. Deer, elk, moose, bear and other wildlife can be found here in abundance, and the area even boasts the highest density of mountain goats in the world. Accessible only by foot or horseback, this park is as remote as it is beautiful. For detailed information on hiking and wildlife viewing in Height of the Rockies Provincial Park, there is no better source than our Canadian Rockies Mapbook.

Jasper National Park

This is the largest of the Canadian Rockies Parks, at 11,000 km². Jasper has no shortage of towering peaks, colourful alpine meadows, rushing rivers and mesmerizing mountain lakes for which the Canadian Rockies wilderness is famous. Mount Columbia, Alberta’s tallest mountain, is located within the park. Mountaineering and ice climbing in Jasper National Park is second to none, and our Canadian Rockies Mapbook will smoothly guide you to the climbing hotspots on Mount Athabasca, Mount Kitchener and others.

Kakwa Inter-Provincial Park (Alberta & British Columbia)

Making up the northernmost section of the area covered in this book, this park receives relatively few visitors, especially compared to places like Banff and Jasper. Remote and rugged trails combined with breathtaking scenery of tree-carpeted valleys and towering mountain ridges capture the true beauty of the Canadian Rockies. And there is a pretty good chance you will have the views all to yourself. Our Canadian Rockies Backroad Mapbook contains detailed maps and charts of hiking trails and campsites in Kakwa Inter-Provincial Park, allowing you to make the most out of your Kakwa experience!

Kootenay National Park

Famous for the Radium Hot Springs and for wildlife sightings along Highway 93, this park also offers all of the rugged scenery and adventure that you would expect from the Canadian Rockies. 200 km of trails run through the park to help you get up close and explore the valleys and high alpine tundra of Kootenay National Park. Let our Canadian Rockies Mapbook guide you to the best places for wildlife viewing in Kootenay National Park!

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

This stunning area has no road access – hiking in to the park provides countless options for further hikes, with some of the most spectacular terrain found in the Canadian Rockies. Cabins and lodges can be found in the park, making this a perfect place for a multi-day adventure. With detailed trail charts, including length and elevation gain, our Canadian Rockies Backroad Mapbook is your number one guide for hiking in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park.

Mount Robson Provincial Park

Home to the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson Provincial Park boasts some of the most remarkable scenery of any area covered in this book. The park’s massive peaks can be easily viewed from Highway 16, but a well-developed trail network takes you into the heart of the park for a more intimate experience. This also the starting point of the Fraser River, BC’s largest river system. Wildlife viewing in Mount Robson Provincial Park is unbeatable, too, with 182 recorded species of birds found in the park – pick up a copy of our Canadian Rockies Backroad Mapbook for some tips on where to find the best viewing locations in the park.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

This park encompasses vast areas of sub-alpine and alpine terrain, including the Highwood Pass, the highest altitude drivable pass in Canada. This park receives relatively few visitors, despite its phenomenal scenery and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping and paddling. In the winter, snowshoeing in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is a popular activity – our Canadian Rockies Mapbook provides information on where to find the best snowshoeing trails in the park.

Willmore Wilderness Provincial Park

This is one of the most remote sections of the Canadian Rockies, with no road access leading to this 4,600 km ² park. For those looking for a rugged, secluded adventure, this is the place to go. The dramatic landscape of soaring peaks, high alpine passes and rushing rivers is a particular favourite for outdoor recreation such as horseback riding and hiking. Hunting in Wilmore Wilderness Provincial is popular, also, and there is no better hunting buddy to take with you to Wilmore Wilderness than our Canadian Rockies Mapbook!

Yoho National Park

This is one of the smallest parks in the Rockies, but with 28 peaks over 3,000 metres and some of the Rockies’ most spectacular waterfalls, it more than makes up for its size. The Trans-Canada Highway runs right through the centre of the park, but getting out of the car and exploring is the best way to get the most out of this spectacular wilderness area. Anglers will be happy to know that the fishing in Yoho National Park is outstanding, and that our Canadian Rockies Mapbook describes many hotspots throughout the park.

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