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The Kootenay Rockies, BC - 6th Edition

Features & Benefits:
ISBN: 978-1-897225-72-1
Dimensions: 21.5cm x 28cm (8.5" x 11")
Pages: 176
Map Scale:  51 maps @ 1:200,000, 4 city trail maps @1:40,000–80,000  
Regional Cities/Parks: Creston, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Invermere, Kaslo, Nakusp, Nelson, Revelstoke, Trail

Full Features & Benefits

The mountainous region of the Kootenay Rockies BC provides some of the best outdoor recreation in all of Canada. With the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains tumbling across the land, the region spans from beautiful Revelstoke all the way to Fernie, BC. The Kootenay River divides the East Kootenays from the West, with the eastern ranges housing the broad swath of Canadian Rockies for which the region is named. It is here, deep in British Columbia, that clear mountain air fills your lungs and draws your attention to the great heights that tower before you. From the all-Canadian community of Nelson, to North America’s longest vertical ski descent in Revelstoke, the southeastern corner of BC warrants more than just a map.

Your Kootenay Rockies BC Backroad Mapbook gives you maps of Revelstoke, Nelson, Fernie, Cranbrook and surrounding regions right up to Alberta’s border. Here you will discover four of BC’s national parks – Yoho, Kootenay, Glacier and Revelstoke – crawling with wildlife and set amongst a dramatic mountain backdrop. Adventurers delight in endless backcountry, big rivers and lakes, and blue mountain streams. Whether hiking, biking, horseback riding, ATVing, kayaking or otherwise embracing the wilderness that stands strong and free around the modest cities of Revelstoke, Nelson, Fernie, Cranbrook, Kimberley and beyond, the Kootenay Rockies BC Backroad Mapbook gets you outside with confidence.


Topographic Maps

In your durable, heavy-duty, spiral-bound 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5" x 11") Kootenay Rockies BC mapbook you will find 51 detailed topographic maps spanning the region, complete with labeled recreation sites, amenities, highways, backcountry roads, trails and other points-of-interest. Not only are these maps user-friendly, but they boast a level of cartographic sophistication unparalleled even by government resources – making them the maps of choice for search-and-rescue.

Service Directory

In addition to our maps, we list Kootenay Rockies accommodations, services, tours, and amenities, including information on the top outfitters in Revelstoke, Nelson, Fernie, Golden, Cranbrook, and the surrounding region; where to find hunting guns for sale; and the best places to buy equipment for sportfishing in BC.


Our detailed adventure section is one of the features that makes your Backroad Mapbook so much more than a map of the Kootenay Rockies region. In addition to comprehensive listings with map coordinates, you’ll find a trip planning section for making notes on your desired adventures!


A handy index makes the Kootenay Rockies BC Backroad Mapbook a leading BC map in terms of functionality as well as quality. You’ll find page numbers and map coordinates for each activity and location, plus important numbers, distance charts and an advertiser list for easy referencing.

Backroad Adventures

No other BC map gets you out into the backcountry with confidence like we do. The BC communities of Revelstoke, Nelson, Fernie, Golden, Cranbrook and other surrounding towns offer enough heritage sites and attractions in themselves, but it’s the majestic Canadian Rockies that really call your name. We show you the best backroad routes (though roads are limited in the mountains), from the Trans-Canada Highway to the Crowsnest Pass Highway.

Fishing Adventures

The Kootenay Rockies region boasts some of the best BC fishing, including the legendary Gerrard rainbow trout. Anglers travel to lakes, streams and rivers in the area for boast-worthy rainbow, brook, cutthroat and bull trout, as well as landlocked sockeye salmon and Kokanee. Our maps have the lowdown on lakes from the big and low-elevation to the tiny alpine. We also tell you where to get a BC fishing license.

Hunting Adventures

With habitats as diverse as mountains, forested uplands, open valleys and large wetland complexes, the wilderness areas around Revelstoke, Nelson, Fernie, Golden, and Cranbrook BC thrive with big game, small game, and upland game birds. For some of the country’s best moose hunting and deer hunting, look no further. Our map book lists the area’s WMUs (wildlife management units) along with info on BC hunting regs.

Paddling Adventures

A good map is just the start of your paddling adventure. With unparalleled lakes and rivers in this alpine paradise, the Kootenay Rockies region is your aquatic playground. Our maps guide you through the secluded wilderness lakes of the Kootenays, where you can spot more wildlife than anywhere else in BC. The rivers are classified by the International River Classification System.

Park Adventures

One of the easiest ways to witness some of the world’s most dramatic mountain scenery, found in the Canadian Rockies, is to hit up one of the many BC parks. A plethora of gorgeous national parks and provincial parks invite the public in, from vast wilderness retreats to quaint roadside campgrounds and picnic areas. Your map book lists them all, including highlights like Mount Revelstoke National Park.

Rec Site Adventures

Those looking for the best of BC camping need look no further. Your Kootenay Rockies map book contains dozens of rec sites that were developed by forestry workers and are now maintained by BC’s Ministry of Tourism. From the popular Beaver Lake Rec Site to Wapiti Lake Rec Site, there’s something for everyone.

Trail Adventures

The gorgeous Kootenay Rockies region portrayed in these maps is a hiker’s dream. In the wild terrains that stretch beyond Revelstoke, Nelson, Fernie, Golden, and Cranbrook, you will find an unbelievable abundance of trail systems. From the dramatic Rockies in the west to the Selkirk and Monashee Mountains in the east, this BC map lists it all to help you hit the trails with confidence.

ATV Adventures

With mountainous terrain, hidden lakes, abandoned mining sites and logging roads, the Kootenay Rockies BC region boasts exciting ATV riding. Bigger towns like Revelstoke, Nelson, Golden and Cranbrook offer tours, rentals, dealerships and often an ATV club (most notably the Revelstoke ATV club). Our map book lists the best spots for ATV riding, including lesser known riding areas frequented by locals, such as the Nakusp to Roseberry Railway.

Snowmobile Adventures

From the remote flathead to the spectacular alpine around Revelstoke, the Kootenays offer world-class snowmobiling. The Kootenay Rockies BC region boasts great powder and mountainous hill climbs and bowls to play in. Our maps and listings cover everything from urban side roads to remote alpine landscapes for the best of BC snowmobiling.

Wildlife Adventures

Despite the human populations that congregate in city centres like Revelstoke and Nelson, Mother Nature dominates the Kootenay Rockies region. Wild creatures roam in abundance, most notably elk, sheep, and even grizzly bear. Our maps and listings give you the rundown on where to spot wildlife, like Beaver Creek Provincial Park, Kokanee Creek, Mount Revelstoke National Park, and more!

Winter Adventures

The Kootenays come alive during wintertime, when the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies preside over towns hushed by the crisp mountain air. Snow can hit the hills as early as October, creating a veritable BC winter playground. Grab your map and hit the trail for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and more – we’ve got you covered!

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backroads kooteney rockies books


backroads kooteney rockies books


Backroad Mapbooks: The Kootenay Rockies BC

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