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Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Asia East
MapSource BlueChart cartography is designed to provide navigators with innovative object-oriented cartography; descriptive details for features typically found on nautical charts can easily be viewed with a simple keypress, and cursor movements over the chart provide descriptions for contour depths, chart number, navaid name, and much more.

When displayed on a GARMIN chartplotter, BlueChart offers its users a paper chart-like appearance. This data includes shaded depth contours, inter-tidal zones, spot soundings, wrecks, navaids, port plans, restricted areas, cable areas, anchorages and more. BlueChart also includes chart numbers, name, scales, revision dates and Notice to Mariner dates.

BlueChart is designed to provide interactive viewing of detailed nautical chart data, and complements GARMIN's new line of handheld mapping products and marine chartplotters. BlueChart Marine Cartography is available in two formats: on MapSource CDROM and also on preprogrammed data cards. The CD provides the same detailed, object-oriented cartography as the preprogrammed data cards. GPS models that load map detail into internal memory require use of the CDROM product; models that use data cards for storage of map detail can utilise either format.

MapSource BlueChart Unlock:
Nautical detail contained on each BlueChart CD-ROM is broken into separate regions which must be unlocked prior to use. With the purchase of a MapSource BlueChart CD, a single Unlock Certificate is included. Users will have access to one region of their choice; the region to be unlocked is selected when you visit the GARMIN unlock web pages at Unlock codes for other regions may be purchased and unlocked separately.

Version 9.5 Pacific features include:
New! Detailed coverage of New Caledonia
• Includes MSQ data (Maritime Safety Queensland)
• Chart-specific information, including chart name, number, scale, revision date, latest Notice to Mariners date
• Trip and waypoint management function lets you transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your GPS and your PC
• Faithful representation of published official paper charts
• Object-oriented cartography
• Shaded depth contours
• Intertidal zones
• Spot soundings
• Port plans
• Navaids with view range and coverage
• Tides, wrecks, restricted areas and anchorages

MapSource Screen Examples:
GPSMAP 178C Sounder screen
PC Screen Example
Select detailed electronic charts from one of the offshore regions on the BlueChart Americas CD and download the data to a Garmin data card or to a compatible Garmin chartplotter or GPS. This screen shows what detail such as spot soundings and shaded depth contours looks like on a PC.

MapSource BlueChart
Pacific V 9.5 Coverage

View map coverage

MapSource CD-ROM BlueChart

Do you want to check BlueChart Pacific's Compatibility with GPS products>>

*Limited Compatibility:
The eTrex Legend, eTrex Vista, GPS V, GPSMAP 76, GPSMAP 76S, iQue M4, iQue M5, Quest, Quest 2, Rino 120, Rino 130 Rino 520 Rino 530 offer limited support of BlueChart.

Q. Exactly what does 'limited support of BlueChart" mean?
A. (from GARMIN Cartography): "Limited capability" may mean that a unit may be able to draw all the map features from the MapSource software, such as roads, lakes, nav-aids, depth contours, wrecks, etc., but the interactive capability of the maps may be limited. For example, you may not be able to "find nearest marinas" or look up additional text about a specific mapping feature

Each version of BlueChart no longer has a "free update lifetime" lasting from its Release Date until the Release Date of the next version (updates are normally issued in January and July each year). Release Dates are shown on the Garmin's Map Updates page. Update disks are available from GPS Central, but an unlock is payable to Garmin. Effective July 2, 2007 all customers will be charged to update their map data.

MapSource Pacific BlueChart V9.5
Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Asia East

Includes CD-ROM & ONE Unlock Code for a single coverage area
Pacific BlueChart Single Region Unlock Certificate
Purchase of a MapSource BlueChart Pacific CD-ROM is required)
Discontinued 010-10322-00

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