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DX Engineering Bulk Radial Wire Kit

DX Engineering Bulk Radial Wire Kits will help you achieve optimal performance with a ground-mounted vertical and allow you to install as many radials as possible. These PVC-insulated stranded-copper radial wires are UV-resistant and roll out easily, unlike the wire that is commonly available at "big-box" stores.

Any type of ground mounted vertical antenna, an Inverted L for instance, can usually benefit from the addition of a radial system. The increase in field currents provided by radials improves efficiency and antenna Q.

Compared to bare wire, DX Engineering Bulk Radial Wire Kits will last much longer when exposed to the elements. These kits include either steel or biodegradable resin radial wire staples for holding down the radials until grass grows over them. These kits work extremely well with DX Engineering Radial Plates (DXE-RADP-3) to create a complete radial system.

Biodegradable staples allow easy installation of radial wires and will degrade and disappear in about a year when they are no longer needed, making them environmentally friendly! Biodegradable staples are intended for softer ground, where they may be pushed or lightly tapped into the ground with a tool head. Since they are a resin material, they are subject to breaking in rocky or hard soil. They are not intended to be hammered in; if hammering is required for installation, you should use the steel wire staples.

For easy installation of antenna radials, DX Engineering Bulk Radial Wire Kits provide the wire, ring terminals and lawn staples.


Radial Wire Spool Length: 500.00 ft. s
Radial Wire Size: 14 AWG
Radial Wire Material: Stranded copper, insulated
Number of Ring Terminals Included: 20
Ring Terminal Hole Diameter: 0.250 in.
Radial Wire Staple Material: Biodegradable plastic
Number of Radial Wire Staples Included: 100
Wire Staple Height: 3.000 in.
Wire Staple Width: 1.500 in.
Staple Package Weight: 1.40 lbs.
Radial Wire System Combo Weight: 10.10 lbs.
Quantity: Sold as a kit.
Notes: Conductor is comprised of 19 strands of 27 AWG solid copper wire.



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DX Engineering Bulk Radial Wire Kit

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