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DX Engineering RG-6/U 75-ohm Quad-Shield
Coax Cable Assemblies

The DX Engineering RG-6/U 75-ohm Quad-Shield Coaxial Cable Assemblies are constructed from our own premium DX Engineering brand RG-6/U 75 ohm cable and superior quality weather-sealed nickel-plated compression F connectors. Their best-in-class design reduces loss and provides greater protection against electromagnetic interference. Available in specific lengths between 3 ft. and 200 ft., these pre-assembled cables with F connectors are your most convenient ultra-high quality RG-6/U cable solution.

These RG-6/U cable assemblies are ideal for many applications such as active or passive HF Amateur Radio receive antenna systems, magnetic loop antennas, Beverage antennas, over the air TV reception, FM broadcast reception, CATV systems, raw video distribution and satellite radio installations like Sirius/XM. In fact, their low-loss characteristics are excellent up to the microwave frequencies that Satellite Radio systems employ!

Our RG-6/U cable assemblies have gas-injected polyethylene foam dielectric for flexibility and moisture resistance. Their 18 AWG center conductor is copper-clad steel and is durable in the extreme. They have two foil shields plus two high-density aluminum braids for ultimate four-layer RF shielding. Their UV protected black exterior jacket is tough PVC (polyvinyl chloride). DX Engineering RG-6/U cable impedance is 75 ohms with an 83 percent velocity factor. This is absolutely the best RG-6/U cable available and it's RoHS compliant!

Look at these attenuation figures per 100 ft.:
5 MHz: 0.6 dB
30 MHz: 1.1 dB
55 MHz: 1.6 dB


Coaxial Cable Type: RG-6/U
Cable Connector End 1: Type F, male
Cable Connector End 2: Type F, male
Coaxial Cable Jacket Outside Diameter: 0.300 in.
Coaxial Cable Jacket Material: PVC, Non-contaminating, Type II-A
Center Conductor Gauge: 18 AWG
Center Conductor Material: Copper-clad steel
Center Conductor Construction: Solid
Dielectric Material: Gas injected foam polyethylene
Dielectric Outside Diameter: 0.178 in.
Shield 1 Construction: Aluminum bonded polyester tape plus aluminum braid
Shield 1 Material: Aluminum foil/aluminum braid
Shield 1 Percent Coverage: 100
Shield 2 Construction: Aluminum bonded mylar tape plus aluminum braid
Shield 2 Material: Aluminum foil/aluminum braid
Shield 2 Percent Coverage: 100
Loss Per 100 ft. at 30 MHz: 1.1 dB
Velocity Factor Percentage: 83
Coaxial Cable Length: various lengths
UV-Resistant: Yes
Direct Bury: Yes
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Employs a total of four shields- two aluminum foils and two aluminum braids

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DX Engineering RG-6/U 75-ohm Quad-Shield Coax Cable - 50 Ft

DX Engineering RG-6/U 75-ohm Quad-Shield Coax Cable - 75 Ft

DX Engineering RG-6/U 75-ohm Quad-Shield Coax Cable - 100 Ft

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