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RM Italy BLA600 Solid State Amplifier

RM ITALY BLA600 Solid State Amplifiers are wideband, compact, automatic linear amplifiers for 160 through 6 meters; 1.8 to 54 MHz. Low input drive requirements (20 to 25W on 80-10 meters, 30-40W for 500W on 160m and 6m) make these amplifiers THE perfect transceiver companion!

RM ITALY BLA600 amplifiers are fully automatic 500W solid-state linear amplifiers suitable for seamless integration with all modern transceivers. They utilize the rugged NXP / Freescale MRF6VP5600H 50V power MOSFET for high power and high reliability.

These amplifiers are capable of all modern modulation modes. BLA600 amplifiers are fully automatic, featuring instant RF frequency-reading for band changes and fast, reliable and silent PIN diode TX-RX switching, making them ideal for CW QSK operation.

These amps have three (3) antenna outputs that are easily configurable on a per-band basis as per the user's requirements. Their RF deck is supplied by a heavy-duty linear power supply, with 240 volt AC input (115-120 or 230 Vac capable) and utilizes an efficient active bridge rectifier with very high-grade filter capacitors to provide the PA devices with a very low noise and robust 50V DC.

The amplifier's RF deck has a large heat spreader and copper heat sink which provides a very efficient cooling system. There are separate fans for the RF deck and LPF board / power supply for high duty cycle operation. Internally, all modules are mounted in a very robust and well-screened enclosure.

BLA600 amplifiers feature Dual MCU control and an extensive array of protection circuits that look after the amplifier with rapid reaction time. VSWR, I/P Power, I/P Frequency, Three Temperature sensors; Transistor / Heat sink and PSU, Drain voltage / Drain current and HV PIN supply are all continuously monitored.

Quick details:

* Employs Freescale MRFE6VP5600 Power FETs
* Drive requirements: 20-25W for 500W on 80-10m; 30-40W for 500W on 160m and 6m
* Input drive from 1W to maximum of 40W (1 to 25W w/reduced output)
* Power Gain: Typical 14dB +/- 1dB (80-10m) 
* Solid 500W Output on all modes
* Dual MCU Control
* Fast PIN Diode RX-TX TX-RX switching enables full QSK operation
* 2x16 LCD screen for Amplifier Status
* Two Separate LED displays; one for power and one for antenna VSWR
* Three antenna output connectors, user-configurable 
* Dual large-diameter MCU controlled multispeed fans for efficient cooling
* 1,200W Linear Power Supply- Highly filtered and regulated
* Quiet, 240 Volt AC operation (resettable for 120 or 230 Vac input, jumper board under rear access panel secured with T10 torx screws)
* AC Input Fuse: 5 x 20mm F LBC 250V; Fast Blow, 240 Vac 5A (included); or 230 Vac 6A (optional) or 115-120 Vac 10A (optional)
* Weight: 21.5kg (47.4 lbs.)

If your HF transceiver can be set for 20 to 40 watts output, then you will be sending 500 watts to the antenna on ALL bands 160 through 6 meters using this amplifier. The real beauty is that it all happens fully automatically! There is no tuning and no band switching! Give your signal a nice boost. 


Line Cord NEMA Plug: No AC plug provided
Amplifier Type: Solid state
Amplifier Band Coverage: 160-6 meters
Amplifier Power Output PEP: 500 watts
Amplifier Input Power: 40 watts
Amplifier Supply Voltage: 240 Vac
Maximum Line Current: 5 A
External Power Supply: No
Amplifier Width: 16.900 in.
Amplifier Height: 5.900 in.
Amplifier Depth: 12.750 in.
Amplifier Weight: 47.40 lbs.
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Includes IEC C13 power cable without AC plug; user to install NEMA 6-15P for recommended 240 Vac operation with 5A fuse as delivered. Access panel to reset jumpers for 120 Vac operation with 10A fuse and NEMA 5-15P standard plug.


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pdf RM Italy BLA600 Instruction Manual
pdf RM Italy BLA600 Input Voltage and Fuse Information
pdf RM Italy BLA600 QST Magazine Review

RM Italy BLA600 Solid State Amplifier

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