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DX Engineering Time Variable Sequencer Unit

DX Engineering Time Variable Sequencer Units are microprocessor-based transmit/receive control signal-delay units. They can provide 0-30 milliseconds of delay, programmable in 2 milliseconds increments, to as many as five different outputs tied to your CW keying or push-to-talk (PTT) lines.

By controlling the receive-to-transmit (and back) timing of linear amplifiers, and other sensitive equipment, damage caused by improper switch timing may be avoided. These DX Engineering TVSUs improve CW performance by eliminating the annoying leading-edge chopping or truncating of Morse characters, especially important in contests or pileups, where sending accuracy is critical.

Now RoHS-compliant, they may also control external devices, such as preamps, active antennas, or external relays that need to have power removed during transmit. Separate power-in and power-out jacks on the front panel are used to control external power. Two 2.1mm power plugs and two 3.5mm stereo plugs are provided.

Additional TVSU features include:

* Control timing of PTT turn-on, hang delay of PTT, amplifier hang delay, external antenna relay hang delay, and turn-on delay of auxiliary output
* Dip switch settable delays of 0-30ms in 2ms increments
* Side tone generator that follows input of keyer or hand key, not transmitter
* Side tone pitch can be programmed from 300 to 1,000 Hz in 50 Hz steps 
* Front panel headphone jack with adjustable volume
* Supports CW full break-in
* Can control external power to DX Engineering active receive antennas and thereby permit operation in closer proximity to transmit antennas


Sequencer Type: Time variable
Sequencer Push-To-Talk: Yes
Sequencer CW Keyer Input: Yes
Sequencer CW Sidetone: Yes
CW Adjustable Delay Output: Yes
Adjustable Delay Ampilifer Keying: Yes
Adjustable Delay Radio Keying (PTT): Yes
Adjustable Delay Auxiliary Port: Yes
Adjustable Delay Power Out: Yes
Power Supply: 13.8 Vdc


dx engineering

pdf DX Engineering TVSU-1B Instructions


DX Engineering Time Variable Sequencer Unit

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