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Navigation Streamlined

Discontinued. It may be available as a download from Fugawi >>

Leading the way for a new generation of navigation software with an intuitive feel and modern design. Whether its browsing your favourite, planning your waypoints, routes and tracks or have a fully functional navigational system that is able to ready in GPS , AIS, Sonar or Weather Instruments from your on board NMEA network, Fugawi Marine 5 is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Fast and Clear Chart Presentation

Fugawi ClearChart

  • Ultra fast zooming and panning
  • Quilted raster charts
  • View multiple charts at once in Tile View or switch to Tab View for a simple presentation.
  • Support for: 
    • Raster (BSB V4) and Navionics Gold and Navionics HotMaps charts from Fugawi's X-Traverse cloud service.
    • All Navionics* cards manufactured after April 2010.
    • S-57 charts** (NOAA ENC™, Army Corps iENC).
    • S-63 charts (requires user permit).
    • BSB version 1-5 (inc. NOAA RNC™, MAPTECH™, CHS, Fugawi, Blue Latitude Press, Wavey line, Solteknik, etc...)
    • BSB/EAP (nv-charts***).

*Satellite Imagery in Navionics Platinum+ cards and Community edit layers are currently not supported
**UKHO S-57 and Hilton charts to be supported after release.
*** NV-Charts that use a Dongle are not currently supported.

Sophisticated, Versatile, Clear Instrument Display

Fugawi Marine 5 ClearDash

  • Integrated instruments with NMEA 2000 or multiple NMEA 0183 inputs
  • GPS connection to most USB, Bluetooth or Wifi connected GPS units
  • Intuitive route navigation
  • Autopilot output
  • Advanced AIS overlay
  • Advanced instruments for motor or sail (up to 20 additional, optional instruments)

All New, Modern and Intuitive Interface

Fugawi Marine 5 MarineTouch

  • Clean user interface
  • Crystal clear chart display
  • Customizable panes (move, resize, or hide)
  • Simple "swipe" to full map view
  • Optimized for Windows 7 and 8 tablets*

*Windows 8 tablet optimization to come as post-launch updates.

Simple and efficient data management

Fugawi Marine 5 Sureplanner

  • Intuitive waypoints and routes creation and management
  • An accessible Data Library with no limitations on storage
  • Transfer your trips and PoIs of your trips to/from leading chartplotters, GPS units, and online platforms such as and Facebook in a few simple clicks
  • Support for: 
    • GPS Exchange (GPX)
    • Google Earth (KMZ)
    • Saving / backup on
    • One click sharing on Facebook
    • Lowrance (USR v4, v5), Raymarine (FSH), and more!

Technical Specifications

Software Features 

  • Multi-chart display in Tile or Tab Views.
  • Quilted raster charts.
  • Intuitive chart rotations with course-ahead/course-up views.
  • Support for queryable features in S-57 and Navionics charts.
  • Custom depth contours for shallow or deep areas on vector charts.
  • Customize units for soundings on vector charts.
  • Tides and currents tables in Navionics charts.
  • Integrated support for automatic download of NOAA charts.

Data Library & Formats

  • Save an unlimited number waypoints, routes, and tracks.
  • Support for creating waypoints, routes, and tracks graphically or manual input of coordinates.
  • Customize data with different icons, line styles, audio, and pictures.
  • Filetypes suppported:
    • GPX, KMZ, Lowrance .USR (version 3, 4, 5), Raymarine .FSH,
    • Direct NMEA 0183 transfer,
    • Direct WiFi connection to Raymarine® e- and c- series MFDs, and
    • Direct cable connection to Ryamarine SeaTalk hs networks.
  • Integrated X-Traverse support for data backups/transfers.
  • Integrated Facebook support for one-click upload of waypoints, routes, and tracks.

Supported Chart Formats

  • BSB and Navionics charts from Fugawi's X-Traverse cloud service.
  • All Navionics cards manufacturered after April 2010.
  • S-57 charts* (NOAA ENC™, Army Corps iENC).
  • S-63 charts (requires user permit).
  • BSB version 1-5 (inc. NOAA RNC™, MAPTECH™, CHS, Fugawi, Blue Latitude Press, Wavyline, Solteknik, etc...)
  • BSB/EAP (nv-charts).

*UKHO S-57 and Hilton charts to be supported after release.

NMEA Support

  • NMEA 2000® input via awrd winning Actisense NGT-1 gateway.
  • List of supported NMEA 2000® includes:
    • PGN 126992 - TIME
    • PGN 127504 - GEN STATUS
    • PGN 127509 - INVERTER
    • PGN 127506 - BATTERY
    • PGN 127508 - BATTERY
    • PGN 127250 - HDG
    • PGN 127257 - ATTITUDE
    • PGN 127258 - VARIATION
    • PGN 127488 - ENG(ine) SPEED
    • PGN 127489 - ENG(ine) DATA
    • PGN 127505 - TANKS
    • PGN 128259 - BOAT SPEED
    • PGN 128267 - DEPTH
    • PGN 128275 - ODO
    • PGN 129025 - GLL
    • PGN 129026 - COG
    • PGN 129033 - TIME NOT USED
    • PGN 129284 - NAV(igation)
    • PGN 129283 - XTE
    • PGN 130306 - WIND
    • PGN 130310 - WATER TEMP(erature)
    • PGN 130311 - AIR TEMP(erature)
    • PGN 130312 - AIR TEMP(erature)
    • PGN 130314 - BAR PRESS
  • Up to 3 NMEA 0183 inputs (requires serial-to-USB adapter).

Instrument Panel 

  • Customizable analogue and digital instrument displays for NMEA 2000® or NMEA 0183 inputs.
  • GPS compass (COG, SOG, CTS, XTE).
  • Speedometer (Avg. speed, Max speed, trip distance).
  • Wind measurements (AWS, AWA, TWS, VMG).
  • Depth graph and water temperature.
  • Optional Instruments Suite Add-on includes support for:
    • Twin engines, magnetic compass, tachometer, ambient temperature, tank, engine, battery gauges, barometer, current gauge, real-time wind polar graph, sail performance efficiency, heel angle, and much, much more!

AIS Panel

  • Class A and Class B messages via NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000® input.
  • CPA and TCPA calculations.
  • Visual warnings of vessels in collision.
  • Dead reckoning calculations between updates.
  • Smart course prediction of vessels.
  • On charts, vessels are drawn to scale, labeled by name, colour coded (red in bold for collision danger with audible alarm, orange for lost signal), and visually display tracks, COG, heading, and rate of turn
  • AIS table contains:
    • Vessel name, AIS class, vessel type, MMSI, speed, heading, rate of turn, bearing, COG, call sign, length, beam, draught, destination, IMON, last message age, nav statusand more!
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Fugawi Marine 5

Fugawi Marine 5
Please be aware that Fugawi Marine 5 is software only. Charts are manufactured by third party vendors and customers must provide their own charts for use with Fugawi Marine 5. 

Fugawi System Requirements
• Microsoft® Windows®Vista or 7 preferred; Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
• Mouse
• Keyboard
• Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution display or better (graphics accelerator recommended)
• Minimum 2048MB RAM (8192MB recommended)
• 250MB allocated to software. Additional space will be required for charts.
• USB port(s) for GPS and other data inputs
• Internet connection required for some features (E.g. activating the software, using various cloud services, etc...)






Fugawi Marine 5 Discontinued

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