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Garmin GTM 10 FM TMC Traffic Receiver


The Garmin GTM 10 is an FM-band traffic receiver that, when installed between one's automotive radio system and antenna, provides realtime traffic information to compatible Garmin GPS automotive navigation products. Using this data, compatible Garmin products can alert the user to local traffic tie-ups and display graphical map symbols for improved driver situational awareness. The GTM 10 is currently compatible with the StreetPilot 2720, StreetPilot c340, StreetPilot 7200 and nuvi 350.

GTM 10 works with your Garmin GPS to display traffic events and enable re-routing. The FM TMC (Traffic Message Channel) traffic information is received through radio signals transmitted by independent service providers. With the GTM 10 in your vehicle, you can see traffic problems down the road and avoid them!

Subscription Information
The GTM 10 FM traffic receiver will come with a 15-month trial subscription to Clear Channel TMC. To renew a subscription, visit the FM TMC Traffic Service section on the Garmin Web site ( Complete the steps to purchase a 25-character code and enter it into the Garmin unit. The cost for a 1-year subscription is $60.00.

Using Traffic Data with Garmin GPS's
The map on the Garmin GPS will display icons that represent traffic events. For example, the map might show a construction that roadwork is in progress in that area. The symbols vary by region but are highly recognizable.

Each traffic event is displayed in a list in the Garmin unit. You can read the list for incidents in your path and in your you are navigating a route, the GPS device gives you the option to alter your route and avoid traffic incidents.

Professional installation of the GTM 10 is not required but, due to the wide variety of automobiles and electronics systems, professional installation is recommended by Garmin. The installation of the GTM 10 requires that the unit be placed in-line with the FM antenna of your vehicle. This will require the dash of the vehicle to be partially disassembled. The amount and difficulty of disassembly will vary between vehicles. For portable use the GTM 11 Traffic Receiver is available.

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Garmin GTM 10 Traffic Receiver

Package Includes:
• GTM 10T FM traffic receiver
• Three common adapter cables
• Setup guide

Coverage Areas:
The Total Traffic Network is available in select US cities (not yet available in Canada):Current coverage areas


Garmin highly recommends that a professional installer complete the installation of the GTM 10 traffic receiver.

Garmin GTM 10 FM TMC Traffic Receiver (fixed installation)
Includes 15 month service
010-00396-10 Discontinued

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