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MAPCREATE USA Topo 7 Software & Accessory Pack


The Lowrance MapCreate USA Topo 7 Accessory Pack contains TOPO USA V7 includes the Lowrance MapCreate Software as well as one reusable digital media memory card (MMC/SD) and one digital media card reader/writer with USB connector for PC Downloading of your custom maps.

The newest Lowrance enhanced mapping software for all the U.S. and Hawaii…on a single DVD! bigger and better with the addition of over 3,000 inland U.S. lakes with depth contours, plus mapping coverage for the whole of Alaska! MapCreateTOPO USA also features topographic contour lines with elevations, enhanced shoreline detail for coastal and inland waters with nav aids, 2 million searchable Point-of-Interests, exclusive hunting databases (WMAs, WMUs GMUs, Public Lands, etc.) highways, roads, landmarks and more. MapCreate Series 7 Accessory Pack includes MapCreate Series 7 DVD, LEI MMC/SD card reader-writer, and a blank memory card!

Searching. MapCreate lets you search for POIs, land features and more, just as you can in a Lowrance GPS unit.

Map Category Options Toolbar. A drop-down menu lets you select pre-set or customizable category settings for different types of activities, including aviation, boating, driving, hiking, and hunting.

Routing. MapCreate lets you accurately add POIs, land features and aviation navaids to routes with a click of the mouse.

Pop-up Boxes. Pop-up information boxes for POIs and land features now include elevations.

Details, Details. The MapCreate 7 database provides superb detail that covers:

  • a searchable database of 2,000,000 Points-Of-Interest (includes airports, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, emergency services, and lots more),
  • enhanced shorelines and navigation aids for inland and coastal waters,
  • elevation contour lines for all 50 states and D.C.,
  • public hunting areas for 46 states - Alaska, Hawaii, Washington State and Wisconsin not included,
  • Game Management Units for 22 states, including AZ, CO, IA, ID, KS, KY, MA, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, SD, UT, WI, WY,
  • Corp of Engineers lands,
  • wilderness areas and wildlife refuges (State and Federal),
  • state parks, state forests, city parks, and recreational areas,
  • improved inland hydrography and intermittent streams,
  • swamps and marshes,
  • USGS 1:24000 Quad Map Boundaries (searchable),
  • Many Section, Township, Range lines (searchable),
  • boundaries for cities over 2500 in population,
  • military reservations,
  • golf course, shopping center, hospital, cemetery, and large business grounds,
  • airport grounds and diagrams,
  • rivers/lakes/tributaries,
  • Interstate/federal/state highways,
  • rural roads and city streets,
  • cities and towns,
  • railways,
  • key landmarks,
  • national forests and national parks,
  • searchable street intersections and street addresses,
  • and more

The MapCreate 7 software is compatible with Lowrance mapping GPS+WAAS products with digital media memory card (MMC/SD) capability. A variety of accessory pack options are available with the DVD-ROM software, including an LEI MMC/SD card reader/writer, one digital media card, and with or without a 12-parallel channel GPS+WAAS satellite receiver/antenna.

An update is available for this version of MapCreate - If you have trouble cutting out Alaska mapping data and/or railroads, please download the MapCreate 7 Update.
For security purposes, MapCreate 7 encodes maps to memory cards, and will restrict the encoding process to a maximum of five different memory cards. You can create as many maps as you like, but they will only work on the first five memory cards that you register with the MapCreate 7 software.
Note: You must use an LEI branded memory card reader/writer for MapCreate 7 to work properly.
Note: If you are experiencing problems connecting to a network or the internet after installing MapCreate 7 on a computer running Windows 98SE, please read this solution document.
Note: If MapCreate 7 freezes upon execution on a computer running Windows XP with Service Pack 2, please read this solution document for a temporary work-around.
Note: If you are using Windows Vista and are experiencing compatibility issues, please try these steps.

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MapCreate Topo USA Map

Minimum system requirements:
IBM® compatible PC with Pentium® 133 MHz or faster processor, 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended for best performance), 200 MB of free hard drive space, high color (16 bit or greater) display, DVD-ROM drive, Microsoft® Windows® 98/2000/XP, one unused USB port, and a Lowrance/LEI branded digital media card reader/writer. (Note: you must use a Lowrance/LEI branded card reader for MapCreate™ 7 to work properly).

MapCreate Topo USA 7

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