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Discontinued. Some pre-loaded SD cards are still available here >>

Comprehensive mapping detail including Canadian marine navigational aids, rural roads, city streets, highways, interstates and enhanced shorelines plus elevation contour lines and hunting-specific databases (including public lands, wildlife management areas and game management units). Also includes searchable points-of-interest feature to easily find bodies of water, cities, lodging, restaurants and more.

MapCreate Series 6.3 mapping software allows you to get the most mapping data on to the smallest memory card by only selecting the regions and features that you need or want. With Series 6.3 you can select features based on your planned activity (boating, hunting, driving, aviation, and more), or you can customize the selected features and switch between personalized settings quickly, or simply choose all features to be included on the map. Cut out maps from our high-detailed mapping database full of POIs and land/water detail.

• A simple interface with a helpful toolbar
• Elevation contour lines
• Shorelines and navigation aids for inland and coastal waters
• Province and municipality boundaries
• Rivers/lakes/ponds/streams
• Highways, rural roads and city streets
• Cities and towns
• Railways
• Searchable database of over 270,000 points-of-interest (includes airports, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, emergency services, and lots more)
NB: For Windows 98 or higher operating system. Requires use of MMCI-USB reader/programmer (included in Accessories Pack).

Lowrance FreedomMaps TOPO CanadaPre-programmed FreedomMaps Topo Series Canada also available for ready-to-go use without a computer!

Note: For security purposes, MapCreateT Canada 6.3 encodes maps to memory cards, and will restrict the encoding process to a maximum of five different memory cards. You can create as many maps as you like, but they will only work on the first five memory cards that you register with the MapCreate Canada 6.3 software.
Note: You must use an LEI branded memory card reader/writer for MapCreate
T 6.3 to work properly.

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Mapping data supplied by dmti Spatial

(dmti Spatial also provides data for Garmin's MetroGuide Canada V4 and MapSource TOPO Canada CDROMs. Contour and street data on MapCreate Canada is similar to that provided by MapSource TOPO Canada )

Works with:
FishElite 480, FishElite 500C, FishStrike 1000C, FishStrike 2000C, GlobalMap 3300C, GlobalMap 3500C, GlobalMap 4000M, GlobalMap 4800, GlobalMap 4900M, GlobalMap 5000C, GlobalMap 5500C, GlobalMap 6000C, GlobalMap 6500C, GlobalMap 7000C, GlobalMap 7500C, iFINDER, iFINDER Expedition C, iFINDER Explorer, iFINDER H2O, iFINDER H2O C, iFINDER Hunt, iFINDER Hunt C, iFINDER Map&Music, iFINDER Map&Music C, iFINDER PHD, iFINDER PHD C, iFINDER Pro, IntelliMap 480, IntelliMap 500C, LCX-104C, LCX-110C, LCX-15MT, LCX-17M, LCX-18C, LCX-19C, LCX-20C, LCX-25C, LCX-26C, LMS-330C, LMS-332C, LMS-335C DF, LMS-337C DF, LMS-480, SeaChamp 1000C DF, SeaChamp 2000C DF, SeaCharter 480DF, SeaCharter 500C DF

Note: At present, this software is not 100% compatible Windows Vista, but can often be made to work with these steps.

MapCreate Topo Accessories Pack Series 6: Canada Includes Map Create Canada Topo Series 4 CD-ROMs, 16 MB MMC Card, & MMC card reader programmer (required for map download to GPS). For Windows 98 or higher operating system.
MapCreate Topo CD-ROM
NB: An LEI branded MMC card reader programmer & MMC card (not included) are required for map download

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