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MapSend Direct Route V2 CD-ROM
Turn-by-turn navigation for your Magellan handheld!


MapSend DirectRoute North America is a map software package that adds street routing with turn-by-turn visual instructions and audio prompts to your Magellan handheld! Based on NAVTECH street data for the Continental US and all of Canada.

MapSend DirectRoute provides turn by turn navigation taking you to an address or any of the two million points of interest to choose ATM's, gas stations, restaurants, etc, then make your choice, follow the on screen directions and be guided to your destination.

• Turn-by-turn instructions displayed with beep tone prompting at turn
• Calculates shortest time auto routing using distance and speed limit
• Simple manual re-routing. If you miss a turn, use GOTO key to re-route
• Full detailed coverage of the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Metro areas of Canada
• Mark/upload an area up to 64MB
• Uses 2004 NavTech data
• Save up to 450 address waypoints
• Possible to route on PC too, with qualifying GPS attached (can be used with a single GPS receiver

System Requirements
• Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
• Pentium 300 MHz or better
• 64MB RAM or more
• 300 MB hard drive space or more
• VGA Video Card

Additionally Required
• Secure Digital (SD) card (if GPS takes SD card)

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 can cause MapSend DirectRoute to malfunction. Click here to download Magellan software patch to fix.

Magellan Receivers Supported:
Meridian Color, Meridian Platinum, Meridian Gold, SporTrak Color, SporTrak Pro, SporTrak Pro Marine, eXplorist 400, eXplorist 500, eXplorist 600, eXplorist XL

User Comments
Testing Magellan DirectRoute in Calgary
"The software installation was easy and straightforward, with the only annoyance being the need to have the data CD in the computer for runtime usage regardless of the installation option chosen. This is an attempt to eliminate illegal copies of the software product. Additional licensing issues include the notice that this product is to be used supporting a single GPS unit. Set up and use of the software on the GPS device is straightforward as well. The routes chosen are sometimes mystifying especially if you already have knowledge of the area being navigated. The route is apparently based on distances, road speeds and a little magic. The ability to quickly reroute using a double 'GOTO' makes the product very useful. I generally create a route and ignore the driving directions until I am out of familiar territory then I resort to the rerouting feature to map directions from my current position to my selected destination. This approach is necessary because the street destination function only allows a start and an end point with no additional staging points to help encourage routing the way you prefer. There are additional work arounds to this problem such as creating driving directions from stored waypoint routes; so you could store multiple waypoint routes to create directions for each leg of the trip." Brian

COMPATIBILITY: Works with Meridian Color, Meridian Platinum, Meridian Gold, Meridian Marine, SporTrak Color, SporTrak Pro, SporTrak Pro Marine, eXplorist 400, eXplorist 500, eXplorist 600, eXplorist XL. Direct Route is not supported by Magellan on the SporTrak Map or basic Meridian because the memory needed is not sufficient. A GPS firmware upgrade may be required for compatibility. The latest upgrade can be downloaded from Magellan's website. Click here to visit Magellan's Firmware Upgrade page. [Note: As a result of Magellan's ongoing firmware update program, some updates on the Magellan site are more recent than those on the GPS Firmware Upgrade CD supplied with MapSend Direct Route; the most recent upgrade should be used for optimal compatibility.]

• You must have the MapSend Direct Route CD in the CD drive in order to use MapSend DirectRoute V2.
• Maps you define with MapSend Direct Route are for use with ONE GPS receiver.
• Your Magellan GPS handheld receiver must be running version 5.0 Magellan receiver software or higher in order to use MapSend DirectRoute. At startup, your unit will display the software version.
• Please exit from any hot sync programs you may have for your PDA, cellphone etc., any time you want to connect MapSend to the GPS

MapSend DirectRoute V2 CDROM

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