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Marine Data Management Kit  

Marine Data Management Kit includes a USB Data Card Programmer, blank 16 MB Garmin data card, and Marine Trip/Waypoint manager with Updater software. This kit also allows you to plan a trip or back up your waypoints and other critical data right on your PC.

Why is MarineUpdater needed?
Garmin's software updates are provided free of charge to enhance the usability of their products. These updates often include entirely new features which can make using the product easier or extend its usefulness. Software updates for fixed-mount marine devices-such as marine chartplotters-were difficult to accomplish because these units were mounted to the vessel. Garmin developed MarineUpdater to allow customers to more easily update these products.

What is MarineUpdater?
MarineUpdater is a Windows-based PC application which works in conjunction with a Garmin USB card programmer, a Garmin data card, and an Internet connection to generate software update cards for your fixed-mount Garmin marine products. Products which support MarineUpdater will program a data card with information about your Garmin marine product and other Garmin marine products which are connected to it. (Please see the list of supported products.) This card can then be read by MarineUpdater and compared to the latest software available on Garmin's website. MarineUpdater will download all necessary updates and write them all back to the data card, providing you with a custom-programmed software update card which meets your needs. The next time you visit your boat, just insert this custom-programmed card into the supported marine product. It, and all devices connected to it, will be automatically updated. It's easy and it's automatic. You don't even have to know the model numbers or software versions of the marine products on your vessel. MarineUpdater takes care of all of the details for you.

What do I need to get started?
• IBM-compatible PC running Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 (requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater), or Windows XP operating system, and an Internet connection.
• The Marine Data Management Kit includes a USB Data Card Programmer, blank 16 MB data card, and MarineUpdater software.
• If you already own a Garmin USB card programmer and a data card (other than a pre-programmed BlueChart card), you can download MarineUpdater for free here: Download (2.53 MB)
• 16 MB (or larger) data card. Cards used for data backups or programming of MapSource products can be used, but all existing information on the card will be erased. Please note: Pre-programmed BlueChart cards cannot be used for software updates.

How does MarineUpdater work?
1. Take a data card to your boat and insert it into a Garmin marine product's empty card slot. Turn the product on, and activate the "Prepare for software update" menu item or button. (You may want to consult your product's owners manual for specific instructions on how to prepare the card.) The data card will be re-programmed with information about that marine product and all other products which are connected to that device or your Garmin Marine Network. (Please note: Garmin marine products using serial ports which are configured for NMEA will not be updated.)

2. Carry the card to a PC which has a Garmin USB card programmer and the MarineUpdater application installed. The PC must also have an Internet connection. Insert the card into the Garmin card reader and launch MarineUpdater. Marine Updater will automatically:
• Read the information from your data card.
• Connect to the Internet and check to see if updates are available for your marine product from Garmin's website.

3. If updates are available, you will be shown complete lists of the changes the updates will make to the product(s) in your system. If you want to continue, the updates will be downloaded to your computer and programmed back to the card.

4. Take the data card back to your vessel and re-insert the card into the ship-board device. Follow any on-screen prompts on the Garmin marine product to complete the software update.

• If you already own a Garmin USB card programmer and a data card (other than a pre-programmed BlueChart card), you can download MarineUpdater for free here: Download (2.53 MB)
• The USB card programmer can also be used to transfer maps and charts from MapSource products to a Garmin data card for use with compatible GPS units. All existing information on the card will be erased when map data is loaded. Use of a separate card for use with MarineUpdater is recommended.

Ships with:
USB Data Card Programmer
Blank 16 MB Garmin data card
• MarineUpdater software.

Supported Products
MarineUpdater software can only be used with marine products which are capable of programming ship-board device information to the card. If you have more than one chartplotter device in your network, all of them will be detected and updated.
GPSMAP 2010/2010C
GPSMAP 2006/2006C
GPSMAP 178 Sounder
GPSMAP 178C Sounder

The devices listed above can recognize and update the following devices if they are connected either serially or through Garmin's Marine Network.
GSD 20 Remote Sonar
GPS 17 HVS GPS Receiver
GDL 30 or GDL 30A Weather Data Receiver
GMR 20 or GMR 40 Marine Radar

If you would like to use MarineUpdater, but your product is not listed above, please contact Garmin Customer Service at 1-800-800-1020.

Marine Data Management Kit (USB Card Progrmmer, blank 16MB Data Card, MarineUpdater Software)
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