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MetroGuide Canada v5

MetroGuide Canada provides detailed maps and points of interest throughout Canada for marine and handheld Garmin devices that cannot display turn-by-turn routes. This version is an upgrade [Nov 2008] from version 4 [released 2003]. There is no newer version available.

MetroGuide offers detailed maps using DMTI Spatial map data for all provinces in Canada, including provincial highways, controlled access highways and local roads. Search for almost one million points of interest, including restaurants, fuel stations, lodging, attractions and more. MetroGuide also includes trip planning software for your computer, so you can save and transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your computer and device.

  • Contains detailed maps for all of Canada.
  • Contains DMTI Spatial map data.
  • Displays over 900,000 points of interest throughout the continent — restaurants, lodging, attractions, fuel stations, shopping and more.
  • Lets you search for addresses on the computer or your compatible Garmin device.
  • Includes provincial and local highways as well as local, county and residential roads.
  • Includes general lake coverage throughout Canada.
  • Includes MapSource, computer software that lets you plan trips on your computer and transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your computer and your Garmin device.

You cannot use this product to update the maps on your preloaded Garmin device. To order updated map data for your preloaded Garmin device, visit our Update Maps page or

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Garmin MetroGuide Canada version 5

Minimum System Requirements:
Internet access is required. Includes USB device drivers.
Windows2000 or newer
512 MB RAM
at least 1024 x 768 display
24-bit color monitor
2 GB free disk space
USB port
CD-ROM drive
MetroGuide Canada v5 on CD-ROM
Note: Opened software cannot be returned.

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