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MetroGuide Canada v4

Discontinued: Replcaded by MetroGuide Canada Version 5

Street-level detail for most areas in Canada!
MetroGuide Canada v4 was developed using DMTI Spatial data, and is designed to provide users with detailed, routable coverage throughout all Canadian provinces, including detailed water feature coverage! View content here using Garmin's Map Viewer.

This CD is designed for use with routable Garmin products such as the StreetPilot III, StreetPilot 2610/2650 : iQue 3600 : GPS V : GPSMAP 60Cx/CSx : GPSMAP 76Cx/CSx : GPSMAP 196 : GPSMAP 296 : GPSMAP 396 : GPSMAP 496 with voice prompting on voice-equipped models. The routing feature of MetroGuide Canada V4 is best used as a navigational aid only, not as a tool for precise navigation.

This product is not locked, which will allow users the ability to download the detailed maps to compatible GPS units such as the eTrex Legend series, : eTrex Vistas : the Rino models : GPSMAP 76 : GPSMAP 76S : GPSMAP 176 : GPSMAP 176C : eMap : StreetPilot : StreetPilot Colormap : GPSMAP 182/182C : GPSMAP 188/188C : GPSMAP 232 : GPSMAP 238 : GPSMAP 2006/2006C : GPSMAP 2010/2010C, : GPSMAP 295 : GPSMAP 496. Some units require a Garmin data card. However, the amount of detail provided by MetroGuide Canada means that the geographic area that can be downloaded at one time to fixed-memory models will be limited. [NB: Automatic route calculation will not be possible on non-routing models. MetroGuide Canada V 4 is not compatible with limited internal memory models such as the GPS III Plus or GPS 12MAP]

This map data will allow you to look up addresses and points of interest throughout Canada and route directly to them. MetroGuide Canada includes provincial highways, controlled access highways, local roads and residential roads throughout Canada - not limited to major metropolitan areas. Actual content may be viewed online using Garmin's MapSource Map Viewer!

MapSource on the PC can be used to pre-plan trips, mark waypoints and build routes. Waypoints, routes and tracks can then be downloaded to a Garmin GPS. NOTE: Routes created on the PC and downloaded to non-autorouting models will display all the waypoints necessary for correct navigation, but the route will be displayed as a straight line between those waypoints (i.e. it will NOT be drawn exactly following the road between waypoints.) This is normal and is a result of the lower processing power of such models.

Product Features and Highlights
• Trip and waypoint management functions
• Now using DMTI Spatial map data
• Automatically creates point-to-point routes on PC (and once downloaded to a compatible Garmin GPS)
• Address lookup capability on the PC (and once downloaded to a compatible Garmin GPS)
• Provincial and local highways
• Local, county and residential roads for Canada
• General lake coverage throughout Canada. Includes all water features > 0.05 sq mi in size!
• Over 750,000 points of interest, including: food and drink, lodging, attractions, entertainment, shopping, emergency services, campgrounds and more.
• Real time track plotting and local roads.
• MetroGuide Canada V 4.0 is not limited to compatible GPS download! It can also be used as Moving Map software on a laptop. Connect any GARMIN or NMEA output GPS for a large-display, street-detailed, Canadian navigation solution. Add free nRoute software from the Garmin website for enhanced laptop navigation.
• For occasional handheld mapping use as well, consider using MetroGuide Canada V 4.0, with for example, the eTrex Legend, or GPSMAP 76. Calculate routes on the PC, navigate on the road with an easy-to-read laptop display, download local map detail to the handheld GPS receiver for jaunts on foot.
• The routing feature of MetroGuide Canada V4 is best used as a navigational aid only, not as a tool for precise navigation.

"How much GPS memory is required by MetroGuide Canada V 4.0 map segments?"
A: "All 221 MetroGuide Canada v 4.00 map segments require approximately 326 MB of map storage with route calculation data included. Without route calculation data the 221 maps require 291 MB."

MapSource nRoute Add-on for Laptop Use
Free nRoute software is available from Garmin's website to bring real-time tracking capability to the MapSource products. nRoute provides laptop auto-routing, spoken turn reminders, north-up or vehicle-direction up orientation and automatic recalculation when off-route.

PLEASE CHECK FIRST! To ensure that this product is suitable for your requirements, please use Garmin's Map Viewer before purchase. Opened software that is not defective cannot be returned.
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Your PC must have the following requirements to run MetroGuide v4
• Pentium processor
• Windows 95 or later
• 16MB minimum RAM
• 20MB free hard disk space (for compact installation)
• CD-ROM drive
• 256 colour display adapter and monitor (24-bit colour recommended)
• Mouse or other pointing device.


MetroGuide Canada v4 Discontinued

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