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RT Systems USB-RTS05 Programming and Data Cable

USB to 2.5mm plug programming cable. 6' cable length.

Cable works with many radios.

Cable drivers available for Windows or Mac operating systems.

Not interchangeable with USB-82.
Can also be used for firmware upgrades from the manufacturer

pdf Complete RT Systems Product Guide, inlcuding compatible radios with this cable (pdf)

USB-RTS05 vs. USB-29A


The USB-29A cable (blue) programs the radio. It connects to the radio through the 3.5mm speaker jack. If there are two speaker jacks, it is usually SP2. Check your manual. It will specify which speaker port is used for cloning or programming. That's the one to use.

The USB-29A cable is generally more dependable for programming since the radio does not put other data out through the speaker jack. However, you cannot have a speaker attached to the other speaker jack while programming.

The USB-29A cable can be used to program many of the Icom handhelds and mobiles as well as radios from other manufacturers. It is one of the more "universal" programming cables in the RT Systems line.


The USB-RTS05 cable programs the radio through the 2.5mm data port.

The USB-RTS05 cable works both for programming the radio with the RT Systems software AND as a cable for digital data using other programs such as D-Rats. It works with many other Icom D-Star radios (handhelds and mobiles) for programming and data.

Note: Be aware that you must turn off GPS from the controls on the front of the radio when using this cable for programming. Erratic movement of the mouse will occur if GPS is on.

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RT Systems USB-RTS05 Programming Cable

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