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TomTom Traffic Receiver

Discontinued. No longer available

The TomTom USB RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver receives traffic incidents while driving and sends the data to your TomTom. TomTom then routes you around each incident.

Real time traffic updates
Check the quickest alternatives and (re) calculate the estimated arrival time
One year of free traffic data included
Receives traffic data over the FM airwaves
Easy installation, plug in and go

Connect the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to your TomTom and the car charger, and receive traffic incidents automatically over the TMC connection*. Once a route is planned, traffic warnings - including total time of delay and distance to incident - along your route are clearly displayed on the traffic bar on the main navigation screen. Touch the traffic bar and receive detailed information specific to the incident(s) on your route. For example, you can view the cause of incident (accident, construction work, congestion, traffic building, etc.) location, duration, and length of incident.

To optimize the your use of the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver, update your device's application automatically and free of charge through TomTom HOME.

An interactive map of the US and Canadian RDS-TMC traffic data coverage

How To Use (see diagram at right)

Important: When you install your navigation device in your car, don’t block the driver’s view of the road.

1. Connect the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to your navigation device.

2. Connect the Car Charger to the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver and then plug the Car Charger into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.
Note: The RDS-TMC receiver does not work if the Car Charger is not connected.

3. Place the transparent suction cup at the tip of the antenna firmly against the upper left of your car's windshield.

4. Then place the remaining suction cups along the edge of the windscreen, as shown, and keep the cable straight.

5. Switch on your navigation device. The Traffic bar is shown in the Driving View and your navigation device searches for a radio station that carries RDS-TMC information.

* FM radio signals can interfere with the RDS-TMC connection. TomTom cannot guarantee continuity and quality of the information. However, TomTom has selected the best providers to ensure the best radio reception and traffic data.

TomTom GO 720, GO 730, GO 920, GO 920 T, GO 930 ,ONE - 3rd edition, ONE 130, ONE 130*S, ONE XL, ONE XL*S, XL 330, XL 330*S

memory cards

TomTom Traffic Receiver

In the Box:
• RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver
• Quick Start Guide




TomTom Traffic Receiver Installation

TomTom Traffic Receiver (USB, RDS-TMC)
Discontinued 9V00.080

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