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Wi-Sys GPS 3910 Antenna 

The high gain, low noise, active GPS antenna

With both a magnetic base and threaded holes for mounting screws, the 3910 GPS antenna is ideal for vehicle mounted AVL applications. A choice of right angle or straight MCX, BNC or SMA connectors is available to best suit your GPS mount; 3m or 5m cable length is available with straight connector antennas.

Designed for maximum GPS performance, the 3910 antenna's advanced circuitry integrates a SAW filter and low-noise amplifier to ensure a reliable and clear signal for the GPS receiver even in difficult conditions. Where other GPS antennas fail, the 3910's superior out-of-band rejection and low noise characteristics can provide a reliable signal - which can be critical for improving acquisition times and minimizing outages.

• High gain: 28 dB @ 3 V
• Extremely low noise figure: 0.8 dB
• Current: 7.5 mA @ 3VDC 11.5 mA @ 5VDC

• Excellent out-of-band signal rejection
• Choose from straight or right angle MCX, BNC or SMA connectors
• High performance LNA (patented)
• Wide voltage input range (3.0 - 5.5 VDC)
• Excellent low elevation angle coverage

User Comments:
"This antenna is very good. Of the antennas tested this is the best. It maintained good reception even in dense bush. Averaging 7-8 satellites all the time. I never lost reception once. MCX connector works well. Cable stays flexible even in cold weather. Cable is longer and more than you need. Magnet is good and very well balanced and stays in position. This is a very good antenna and highly recommended." Jim R.

For hand held applications where longer battery life is important, the low power WS3914 is an option.
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MCX Antennas
(For GPS 12XL, GPS 76, GPSMAP 76/76S/76C/76CS, GPSMAP 60C/60CS, iQue M5, iQue 3200, iQue 3600, Quest, StreetPilot 2610/2620, eMap)
Wi-Sys Antenna 3m cable & Straight MCX Connector
Wi-Sys Antenna 5m cable & Straight MCX Connector
WS-3910MCX5METRE - -
BNC Antennas
(For GPS II Plus, GPS III Plus, GPS V, StreetPilot Deluxe, GPSMAP 176/176C, GPSMAP 276C, GPSMAP 296, GPS 48, chartplotters)
Wi-Sys Antenna 3m cable & Straight BNC Connector
Wi-Sys Antenna 5m cable & Straight BNC Connector
WS-3910BNC5METRE -  -
SMA Antennas
Wi-Sys Antenna 3m cable & SMA Connector
WS-3910SMA -  -
Wi-Sys Antenna 5m cable & SMA Connector
WS-3910SMA-5M - -

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