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Water Resistance Ratings

Water Resistance Rating Guide

Water resistance is an essential feature for any electronic device and it’s important that you know the difference between waterproof, water resistant, and other water ratings so you can purchase the right product for your needs. Understanding the water ratings is crucial to ensure that the device does not get damaged when exposed to water….

Underwater Drones in Canada’s Lakes & Rivers

Forget aerial drones, underwater drones are some of the coolest new tech we’ve been playing with! We get loads of questions on underwater drones so we’re going to break it down for you here if you’re curious, too. What are underwater drones? Just like their aerial drone counterparts, underwater drones are remote-controlled devices that can…

How fishfinders work

How Fishfinders Work

Modern recreational sonar equipment (also called a fishfinder, bottom machine, echo sounder, depthsounder, or just sounder) uses sound waves to look through the water. The sonar device then displays a picture of what’s below the hull of a boat. Sound pulse. First it sends a pulse of sound down, via the transducer. The sound bounces off objects in the…

Learn More About: Side Imaging (SI) Sonar & Dual Beam PLUS

Side Imaging (SI) Sonar Side Imaging® Sonar, with its amazingly clear, picture-like images of fish, the bottom and structure, is available exclusively in select 1100, 900 and 700 Series fishfinders. It’s the ultimate structure-finding tool, and with its massive coverage (480 feet from side to side!) you can scan in mere minutes what used to take hours. Features…