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Customer Reviews

Thanks very much for the accurate information before purchase. The Blue Fox unit was as easy to install as advertised and the reports that I was able to retrieve were very accurate and timely. The unit performed its job 100% and I am 100% happy with both the results and the cost. Good Job.


We at T&T Disposal Services have used the product about 14 months now, we find it very good.  Our intention wasn’t to spy on our drivers, it was to manage and dispatch with greater efficiencies.  Knowing where your fleet of vehicles are, at any giving time is a big help regarding your organizational process.

Some other benefits we have noticed.

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Organized  route efficiencies
  • Tracking memory of where the vehicle was.
  • Tracking speed
  • Fast starting
  • Hard stopping
  • Our mechanical cost has dropped for maintaining our vehicles.

I believe the investment that was made on the BLUEFOX TRACKING System was worth a cost savings on the overall operational expense.
I would recommend the Blue Fox to any company that has a fleet of vehicles that are used on a day to day business for dispatching products or services.

Warren  Martz
General Manager T&T Disposal Services

After recovering my truck from the person(s) who stole it from my home, I decided to see what tracking devices were available to me. There were several options, but I didn’t want one that had to be hard wired in, or one that relied on me to remember to make sure the batteries were good. I already own several different GPS devices, Garmin Nuvi, Garmin hand held, Spot, even one for my Blackberry, so I headed down to GPS Central to see what there was. The salesman told me about the BLUEFOX and even showed me a sample of tracks on the website. The fact that it was relatively inexpensive, and extremely easy to use had me sold in no time. I love the fact that once it is plugged into the diagnostic port on my vehicle it requires no further attention. I can log into my account and check where my truck and car are and I even get email updates sent to my Blackberry /computer when it has left or entered a geofence, completed a trip, even exceeded the set speed limit. One day my son borrowed my car and had a flat. He was unaware of how to get my wheel locks off my custom rims so he had to call me. I didn’t need to get his location as I already checked online and knew where he was. After getting the tire changed, I reminded him to watch his speed, as I know he went over the limit on the highway. Just last week my truck was in for some body work so I took the BLUEFOX out of it and put it in my rental. Not something I could have done had it been wired in. When it comes time to sell my car or truck I don’t need to lose money for an add on people won’t pay for, I just take it out and put it in my new one. The only disappointment I have is BLUEFOX gives me gas mileage for my VW but not my F350. I am told that the vehicle manufacturer and not BLUEFOX determine that feature, so the issue is with Ford. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced tracking device that is simple to use then I highly recommend BLUEFOX.

~ Brian

Here are some of my comments about GPS Central and the BLUEFOX TRACKING system:

We knew the benefits of using GPS tracking software in our fleet of trucks and were anxious to get things set up. We spent countless hours researching fleet tracking GPS companies. There were several companies that seemed to provide everything we were looking for. Our first year we chose a ‘luxury’ GPS company that promised to do just about everything. Unfortunately, we had problems with everything, from the install to customer service to actual tracking of the fleet – the simple expected features of the GPS… Our second year involved even more research into GPS companies. We discovered GPS Central and the BLUEFOX GPS system. The features, service, platform and cost are incomparable in the current market.>

Being the safety manager of the company and working in the oilfields having the ability to track the fleet with onboard GPS is a must. The system helped me: by preventing excessive speeding, wildlife collisions, driving on posted roads, quicker emergency response, incident and investigation reports, employee timecards, excessive vehicle wear and tear and vandalism claims.

~ Brandon Tupper