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RV & Big Rig GPS

Are you trucker with a big rig or a camper with an RV? There are devices made just for you! You can tell the device your big rig’s or RV’s measurements, and it will calculate your route so you don’t hit any low overpasses or take you on a super winding road.

Garmin dezl series was designed with long haul truckers in mind. They offer trucking-dedicated navigation, including custom truck routing and road warnings, all in one durable device.

Garmin RV series navigators was designed with campers and as name suggests, RV-ers in mind. They offer custom routing, road warnings and a directory of RV parks and services right at your fingertips.



RV & Big Rigs

Garmin RVcam 795


RV & Big Rigs

Garmin RV 795


RV & Big Rigs

Garmin RV 1090


RV & Big Rigs

Garmin RV 890