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Using a track mounting system is a clean, clever and innovative way to mount multiple devices in virtually any application. The RAM Tough-Track takes this innovation to the next level by offering a center access point for your track components and multiple track lengths to accommodate your desired mounting surface. Whether you are mounting to an ATV, truck or motorboat, the RAM Tough-Track will add immense value to your vehicle or workstation. Compatible with a variety of RAM mounting components, customizing your universal track system to accommodate your specific needs is easy.

RAM Tough-Track


  • High-strength glass filled nylon construction
  • No sharp edges
  • Access point in center of the track; no side access needed
  • Drill down horizontally or vertically to any flat surface
  • Compatible with RAM B and C Size balls, Post/Spline and Flex Rod components
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.

Car & Truck Mounts

When you need a mount in your vehicle for the long haul, the Tough-Track provides the best way to serve all of your needs while on the road. Whether you need your phone in a certain position or your cup holder nearby, the Tough-Track offers you the versatility to adjust mounts along the track system. When it’s time to clear space off your dashboard or console, the smooth and low profile track platform creates zero obstruction.

Boat Mounts

There are many different accessories and devices to take with you out on the water. When it comes to fishing rods, chartplotters, cameras, phones, tablets and much more, the Tough-Track has you covered. Transfer your equipment to multiple track platforms to allow convenient repositioning of your equipment to different parts of the boat, and stow away when not in use for a clean and smooth surface with no sharp edges.