Side Imaging (SI) Sonar

Side Imaging® Sonar, with its amazingly clear, picture-like images of fish, the bottom and structure, is available exclusively in select 1100, 900 and 700 Series fishfinders. It’s the ultimate structure-finding tool, and with its massive coverage (480 feet from side to side!) you can scan in mere minutes what used to take hours.


  • Mark the GPS location of promising structure directly onscreen
  • High frequency sonar (not a camera) cuts through murk with crystal clarity
  • Up to 480 feet of coverage from side to side, scans huge areas fast
  • Units with Side Imaging also include traditional down-looking “2D” sonar

Dual Beam PLUS

Get the best of both worlds, with selectable narrow and wide beams you can view individually, or melded into one display.


  • Precision, 20˚ beam is optimized for excellent bottom detail, and reveals fish hidden in bottom clutter
  • Wider, 60˚ beam provides greater coverage for fish and bait fish
  • View beams separately, side by side, or blended together for the most complete picture
  • Find fish and structure in an area equal to your depth

Watch this video to get a better sense of what Dual Beam Plus is all about!