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new!GARMIN LAKEVU G3 ULTRA U.S. - East & West
Maps on MicroSD w/ SD Adapter

Get $75.00 back for your trade-in with the purchase of this chart
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The Premier Freshwater Fishing Map                                 

  • Provides industry-leading coverage, clarity and detail for more than 17,000 lakes with 1’ contours that feature integrated Garmin and Navionics® data
  • Auto Guidance¹ technology uses your desired depth and overhead clearance to calculate routes and show a suggested path to follow
  • Coverage for more than 17,000 lakes, of which more than 150 are Garmin Elite survey lakes with up to 1’ contours
  • High-resolution relief shading combines color and shadow to give you an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of bottom structure than contour lines alone
  • The East card covers more than 11,500 HD lakes with up to 1’ contours and more than 100 Garmin Elite survey lakes
  • The West card covers more than 5,900 HD lakes with up to 1’ contours, and more than 75 Garmin Elite survey lakes

Experience unparalleled coverage and brilliant detail on the water. LakeVü g3 Ultra inland water maps provide industry-leading coverage, clarity and detail with integrated Garmin and Navionics data, Auto Guidance technology¹ and high-resolution relief shading.


lakevu g3 ultra west lakevu g3 ultra east
lakevu g3

Auto Guidance

Whether you are fishing or cruising, select a spot, and get a route showing you the general path and nearby obstructions at a safe depth¹.

lakevu g3 us high res

High-resolution Relief Shading

High-resolution relief shading combines color and shadow to give you an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of the lake bottom than contour lines alone.

After the required software update (available in April) is applied to the device, high-resolution relief shading is compatible with the following devices: GPSMAP® 7x2, 9X2, 10X2, 12X2, 12X2 Touch, 7400, 7600, 8400xsv, 8600xsv chartplotters, GPSMAP 85x0 and 8700 black boxes and ECHOMAP™ Plus 4x, 6x, 7x, 9x chartplotter/sonar combos.

lakevu g3

Depth Range Shading

This feature displays high-resolution Depth Range Shading for up to 10 depth ranges so you can view your designated target depth.

lakevu g3

Shallow Water Shading

To give a clear picture of shallow waters to avoid, this feature allows for shading at a user-defined depth.

dynamic lake

Dynamic Lake Level

This feature allows you to adjust your maps to the lake’s current water levels, giving you a better idea of spots that are either accessible or too shallow to explore.

fish eye

FishEye View

This underwater perspective shows 3-D representation of lake bottom and contours as seen from below the waterline. Interface with sonar data for a customized view.

mariner eye

MarinerEye View

This view provides a 3-D representation of the surrounding area both above and below the waterline.

Access Your Charts and Maps

Download the ActiveCaptain® app to use OneChart™, which gives you access to all your charts and maps from your mobile device and even lets you purchase new ones.

COMPATIBILITY:GPSMAP® 5x7, 7x1, 7x2, 8x0, 9x2, 10x0, 10x2, 12x2, 12x2 Touch, 7400, 7600, 8400 and 8600 chartplotter series, echoMAP™ CHIRP and ECHOMAP™ Plus combo series

1Auto Guidance is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation practices.

U.S. LakeVü g3
Full Coverage
U.S. LakeVü g3 Ultra
East or West
Navionics® data
Total lakes covered
Lakes with up to 1' contours
Garmin Elite surveyed lakes
Fish attractors
Auto Guidance¹ technology
High-resolution relief shading
Depth range shading
Shallow water shading
Unique 3-D views
Dynamic lake level
High-resolution satellite imagery
Surface and side scan sonar photos
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lakevu us ultra west g3
LakeVu G3 Ultra U.S. West - LVUS107F

lakevu us ultra west g3
LakeVu G3 Ultra U.S. East - LVUS106F


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inlcuded lakes >>

pdf Click here for LakeVu G3 Ultra Lakes with High Resolution Shading

Garmin LakeVu g3 Ultra U.S. - West - LVUS107F

Garmin LakeVu g3 Ultra U.S. - East - LVUS106F

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