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Hunting & Trail Cameras - A Great Match
Written by our very own Cody Singer

Cody with his prizeAs an avid hunter there is nothing greater then getting that perfect shot, may it be with my rifle or trail camera. Every year I spend days looking for the perfect location to catch elusive wildlife. I find that one of the best ways to scout for animals is clustering trail cameras and placing them near a body of water. For the best results I place my cameras facing north or south so that I don't get distorted images due to the sun's glare.

Amongst many things, I have learned that a bear case is a necessity to all trail cameras. I have had deer, bear and elk try to rip off the camera due to curiosity; I have also had an individual with a face-mask try to remove my camera.

I have taken many pictures of my “successful” hunting trips and I find that certain individuals (my wife) seem to enjoy my trail camera pictures substantially more. The photos seem to be a huge hit amongst all my family members and have even had an impact on my little Deer taken by Cody's trail camcousin who can now name most of the Alberta deer population.

Prior to elk hunting season I was able to determine the daily patterns of the elk herd, this gave me a strategic advantage. With the help of some well placed cameras I was successful in the hunt of my first six point bull elk. The hunt involved 3 trail cameras, hiking and scouting. Whether you are hiking, scouting, or hunting, you can be sure that trail cameras will keep you looking for that perfect shot.


play Check out Cody's trail cam pics taken with his trusty Bushnell Cam


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