“Dear GPS Central,

“Thanks again for the great advice! I could not be happier with my Garmin Nuvi GPS. I used it on a 6,000+ km roadtrip in December and it was indispensable! We drove from Vancouver to Toronto for Christmas via the US and part of the way back (an accident in Minnesota cut the roadtrip short and despite extensive damage to the car, the Nuvi survived and still works well).

“The voice directions were fantastic and the ease of use was great. It was useful right out of the box without even reading the instructions. It was pretty rare for the Nuvi to make a mistake and I had only one case of lock-up which was quickly fixed by turning it on and off. The Nuvi helped us find everything from gas stations to coffee. The POI’s pre-installed on the unit are very comprehensive and the maps were dead accurate. Even in Yellowstone National Park, the roads were perfectly mapped. In adverse weather or at night, the unit was accurate enough to give an indication of upcoming sharp turns well before we got there. In terms of utility for planning, the Nuvi gave very accurate arrival time predictions so we could plan where to eat, where to stay and what to do. Our dog really appreciated the ability to enter such vague points of interests as ‘park’ so we could stop and play along the way!

“We set off on this trip without even having a plan. This would not have been possible without the Nuvi. Once we determined what time we wanted to stop, we would simply find a wi-fi connection, look up a hotel at that destination, book it online and then enter the address in the Nuvi. The Nuvi would deliver us right there. On some occasions, we simply decided that we wanted to stop when we had arrived somewhere interesting and we used the Nuvi to locate nearby hotels in seconds. This approached worked great for everything from food to pet stores! Imagine how useful it can be when driving for 10 hours a day to just enter “Tim Horton’s” and up pops a list of locations right around the corner or 100’s of kilometers away (when we were in Montana, we entered ‘Starbuck’s’ and after a minute of searching, the Nuvi returned an address in Calgary – now that’s thorough!)! It was also invaluable on Christmas Eve at 4:45pm when looking to buy those last couple of gifts and being able to enter “Best Buy” to see if one was close enough to get to in time! Even in use everyday, I am now constantly discovering new short-cuts by deliberately ‘getting lost’ and using the Nuvi to find the best detour to the destination. The accuracy of the unit is great and the ease of use and functionality is tops. I would recommend the Nuvi without hesitation to anyone thinking about a roadtrip – regardless of the length. As silly as it sounds, the Nuvi actually added a new degree of fun to the trip. My wife and I are complete opposites when it comes to directions and the Nuvi made it possible for both of us to get the info we wanted in the way we like to receive it (I like the visual of a map, she liked the verbal of the voice directions).

“Given the way we wanted to be able to use an automotive GPS, I am so glad I decided to call GPS Central because I was given advice that changed my mind on the unit I was initially going to buy and I am so happy I took the time to ask! This kind of one-on-one service was not available at my local ‘big box’ retailer. Add to the that the lowest prices and the excellent overall service and I can’t imagine why someone would buy a GPS anywhere else.

“If you have to drive – get a Nuvi. If you are getting a Nuvi – call GPS Central! That is my advice!”Rob