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Thanks to everyone who sent photos and reports of GPS experiences, applications and installations!
Send yours to (Subject = Photo Gallery) - or post your pics & stories at GPS Central on Facebook as Fan Photos.

Russ takes his

cruising to the ranch

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"I used the RAM mount to position my Map76 where I could easily read it. It was great to have the map scroll by especially when our butts were looking for the next coffee break.
PS: The RAM mount held fast even on bumpy roads."

Israel uses City Navigator Europe
on his travels

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"Here is a picture we took last month on our trip in Europe. This is me on my scooter in Churchill's family property (called Woodstock) in England. "

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"Here is my wife in the hotel terrasse in Amsterdam."

Paul's European Travels with his GPS V and MetroGuide Europe

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"This is one of the actual Safety Cars that are used in Formula 1 races; the other was on the track that weekend at the European Grand Prix. Look carefully and you can see the scrapes from the racetrack under the right front corner. It is a beautiful vehicle that exudes power and speed, even standing still."

Click here to view more photos
from Paul's travelogue

Click here to read Paul's European User Report( now with a NEW addendum!)

Orval uses his
GPSMAP 180 -
not just for the halibut

Rally Connex displays GPS gear at the Toronto Motorcycle Show
John's GPSMAP 76S helps with navigation on long bicycle rides in Quebec
Gary takes his
eTrex Vista
StreetPilot & RAM mount on his

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"We had each bike equipped with a GPS III Plus on RAM mounts."

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Kawasaki Dual Sport Series 2003
"What? No 2003 rides in Western Canada?" -- Russ

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"I just started using the GPS for long bicycle rides ... Before figuring out how to navigate I drove the 128 Km tour two days prior to the long cycle trip to Montebello, Quebec and "Waypointed" all the strategic turns. I have a trip coming up in Vermont in two weeks." We had 10 cyclists in our group. We followed the more experienced cyclists and guess what? We got lost in rural Quebec. Fortunately we only went 6Km out of our way. I studied the map page and told them we were going the wrong way. From that point on I paid attention to my GPS and my documented waypoints. We did not get lost any more."

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"Here is the picture of the Vista with a balloon . You'll notice that the screen is blank in this picture. That seems to happen every so often about half way through the flight ( half hour ). I am using new nickel - metal hydride batteries that are always charged when I fly but the gps unit never shows them as fully charged. If you want a picture of the gps actually doing something, you'll have to help me solve this problem." [We're waiting to hear back from Gary to see if any of our suggestions helped.]

"I have a StreetPilot mounted on an R1200CA BMW motorcycle. Love the way it works, the screen is just the perfect size for quick glance while riding at normal highway speed. Great receiver!"

David mounts his StreetPilot III using
a RAM Mirror Mount
Rick uses his GPSMAP 76S for tracking on Vancouver Island
Simon's Legend takes him back to his
successful fishing spot
Steven welcomes Geocachers to New Brunswick with his eMap

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"I am very happy with the performance of the GPSMAP 76S and even under heavy foliage and evergreen tree cover on Vancouver Island this GPS will draw a steady and uninterrupted track. "

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"I am so glad that my GPS brought me back to the spot where I caught the fish before. The waypoint feature is a really good for outdoor. The compact size of Garmin Legend (really small, even as small as my Nokia cell phone!), water resistance and long lasting battery are key factors when I purchased it. "

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"Here is the pic I was speaking of. It was taken last night very close to my home. The pic is for a Geocache that I was working on!"

Art's GPSMAP 76 saves
the day in
Vancouver Island fog!
Kirk takes his eMap to visit GARMIN in Olathe
Thomas, on a visit from Germany, using his eMap in the Rockies
Here is a picture for Thomas in Germany
"The GPSMap 76 became our best friend on several occasions while kayaking off Vancouver Island's Northwest Coast. ... during a paddle down the exposed stretch along the coastline at the base of Mt. Paxton ... the fog was thicker than pea soup but thanks to the Map76 we were fine.The Map76 is very user friendly and I love the handy tide feature that comes with it. Another bonus is it's waterproof and buoyant...Great for kayaking!! I look forward to the updated Bluechart CD for the Canadian Pacific Coast."

Click for a larger view

"I thought you might get a kick out of seeing my eMap on its visit to Olathe. A display problem 4 days before our trip to Kansas City threatened to put a damper on things, but with the assistance of Jo and rapid repair (5 hours instead of the normal 7-10 day turnaround) by Garmin, our odyssey was a success. My 'gizmo' has become an integral part of my travels (tracks show 5 provinces and 5 states in 5 months, odometer over 26,000 km)."

Click for a larger view

"I visited your Office and buy one Garmin eMap Deluxe from you. It was a great deal for me. I am using it on my holiday trip on the Rockys in your Province, and I am very satisfied with it. Never been will i use a paper map. This little handy GPS was very good. It show me all what I am looking for."

"Can you send me (per email) a picture from your Office and your Team? I will put it on my travelbook on my website with a link to you, and i have forgotten to take a picture on my visit at your Office. (Sorry its a shame.)"

Jonathan making waves
with his eTrex Vista
August's Toyota 4Runner setup:
Garmin GPS & OziExplorer
An update on August's Toyota 4Runner setup

Joshua and Jim go Geocaching and aviating with their eTrex Legend

Kayaking in Clayoquot Sound, Canada
Click for larger view

"The Vista proved absolutely invaluable, and the perfect tool for sea kayaking off the coast of Vancouver Island. We had a fairly new group of kayakers, so it was important to get our island picks right the first time and routes real time with relation to the tidal currents.

The Vista gave them dead on. I was also impressed at how easy it was to use, the fact that it proved (very) waterproof versus salt water, and that it even had most of the lighthouses set in the NA base map. Sweet. Thanks to Ian for the superb service and help."

Click for larger view

"Here's a picture of my GPS setup in my '85 Toyota 4Runner. It consists of a Garmin eTrex (which has since been replaced with a Garmin GPS35PC), connected to a Toshiba Libretto running OziExplorer. This setup is perfect for exploring the back country.

Click for larger view

"I have an update on the GPS setup in my 4Runner. I've been playing around with the idea of installing an onboard PC as opposed to replacing it with a new, larger laptop. The picture above shows my new 5.6" TFT LCD, Garmin GPS35PC and a Pentium 133 for testing with OziExplorer. In the background, is my Compaq Presario running Microsoft Streets and Trips. The laptop is too large to be mounted in my truck so it looks like I will be leaning towards the onboard PC setup."

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"Joshua and his dad, Jim (taking the photo), are avid Geocachers. We've been having a ball with our new Garmin Legend from GPS Central. As a pilot Jim uses the Legend extensively for aviation but Geocaching is a great way for the family to have fun between flights. At this cache we found one of the illusive Geocoins.

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John and Smokey
"Search Dog in Training"
using a GPS 12XL
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"This unit [GPS 12XL] will be attached to my dog's Search Vest/Harness. The results will be two fold - when working a grid search pattern I'll be able to see where I was in relation to where my dog travelled."

Geokids! Doodles and Punkinman go Geocaching!


Click for larger view

"This is from the Labour Day weekend, when Doodles and Punkinman came out Geocaching with me; we currently use a GPS 38, but are thinking of upgrading to a 12 XL, as the 38 seems a bit slow."

Geocaching with an eMap in Germany

Click for larger view

Stephen, Geocaching while visiting Germany during September- October 2001

Rick and friends
getting into the
'Geocaching Thing'
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"My first Geocache,
we're all hooked now!"

Steve, Samantha and Michelle are hooked on Geocaching! Using their eTrex LegendSteve
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"Steve, Samantha & Michelle braving the cold. We are hooked!"

Donald's Vista in a "long-tail" in Thailand

Click for larger view

"Me in a "long-tail" with my GPS. I just can't say enough good things about this little device. Here I am... somewhere in the backwaters of Thailand's canal system... after having been shuttled about for hours by some stranger driving the boat... and I know exactly where I am, and how to get back to my room and the jobsite."

Roger, Karine and Legend in the Thar desert in India

Roger & Karine
Click for larger view

"Here is a photo (Karine & Roger) from the Thar desert in India, close to Pakistan.

"As you can suspect my GPS is in my pocket and was giving me interesting data such as the chammel speed (average of 4.6 km/hr), maximum speed (about 12 km/hr), closest city, total distances..... It was an exciting two days trip where the GPS contribute to it!"

Patrick's eTrex Vista in Africa "Here are some pictures from the GPS eTrex Vista, I'm using here in the MONUC MISSION in the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo)."
On the Kinshasa-Matadai Road, DRC

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Kalemie-Bandera Road
South Africa: Sabie Mauchsberg

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Fred's Dream Boat
(Zodiac Pro 500)
with GPS Sounder 168


"I FINALLY got the Zodiac out on the water last week It was everything I had dreamed it would be. The 168 works just perfectly. It saved me from running aground at one point where the water depth falls to less than 2 feet RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE!"

Click for another view,
and another

Craig's GPSMap 176C
with RAM mounts
on his farm equipment

swather Click for larger view
Click for another machine!

October 2000: "I have a GPS III+ and need enough RAM bases to move it to all of my different pieces of farm equipment (tractors, combines, trucks etc.)"
August 2001: "Ahhh, mmm
ooooo .... it's absolutely gorgeous. Ummm, I think maybe I'll keep the color one if that's alright. :-)"
[Craig had bought both the GPSMAP 176 and GPSMAP 176C to see which he preferred on his farm equipment as a replacement for his GPS
Click for view of combine
Click for view of sprayer
Simon's Legend in his Honda Prelude

Click for larger view

"I mounted my Garmin Legend in my Honda Prelude using a cell phone holder and fitted perfectly on the air vent.

I have never had a GPS before, the detail level and the accuracy (with my Metro Guide [Toronto] of course) really surprised me. I won't be lost on road again, and more importantly I can throw my paper maps away."

David's BMW 740 with StreetPilot III and Non-skid Friction Mount

Click for larger view

"The StreetPilot 3 is an amazing unit and I have used it in Toronto, Montreal and also in the Chicago area. During a recent visit from the UK my brother in law (who has a factory installed GPS in his BMW) was bowled over by the features and also the price. Here is a shot of the unit installed in my BMW using the Beanbag Mount which is great and allows movement between vehicles."

"I work for Harley-Davidson Canada and my job is to go coast to coast in Canada with 20 new bikes on a tractor-trailer doing demo rides at all the H-D dealers so I figure it will be great for finding my way around."

"Thanks for the arms, legs and bases.. "[We sent an assortment of RAM Mount components for Dileepa to try after he found that he couldn't position the SPIII suitably using GARMIN mounts] "I have used the suction cup pad with one arm on the Mercedes, fits like a glove. The base that came with the SP III is mounted on my wife's Landrover. (The problem is that I hardly gets use of the GPS now, may have to order a 2nd unit in time!!!)"

Merry Christmas from Mike the Postie


Click for larger view

Our main Canada Post connection! Mike, the friendly Postie who makes sure that all our Internet orders get to the Post Office in time each day.

Sylvain's GPS III+
and RAM Mount on his Honda Rubicon ATV


Click for larger view

"Here is a picture of my III+ on my Honda Rubicon ATV mount with a RAM-MOUNT handle bracket. Very solid and easy to install. I have my GPS at finger tips reach and easy to read the maps while I'm exploring with my ATV."


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