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Thanks to everyone who sent photos and reports of GPS experiences, applications and installations!
Send yours to (Subject = Photo Gallery) - or post your pics & stories at GPS Central on Facebook as Fan Photos.

Bill used a GPS 16HVS in Cyprus to time the Transit of Venus

Click for larger view

"I am back from Cyprus where, as the "Unofficial RASC Vancouver Centre Expedition to Time the Transit of Venus," I successfully recorded and timed the June 8, 2004 transit from the village of Kato Paphos. I used the Garmin GPS16HVS OEM sensor attached to a Precision GPS OSD Time Inserter and combined it with the signal from a surveillance camera attached to a solar filtered telescope. The resulting combined signal was recorded into a Hi-8 videocamera.

I am attaching a composite picture of the event, including me with the apparatus, a blow-up inset of the GPS16HVS, a photograph I took through the telescope of the Sun and Venus at mid-transit and a frame from the video showing the read-out of the altitude, latitude, longitude, UTC time, date and most importantly the times in milliseconds of the frame fields. The GPS16HVS worked beautifully, measuring the one pulse per second signals. According to the backup Garmin Vista, which goes everywhere with me, lots of satellites were visible to provide a strong signal. You might just be able to make out the Garmin Vista on the table at the front left.!"

Thanks to the hardworking folk at GARMIN who look after us so well!

Sheila & Pat, a special thanks for taking care of our orders so effiiciently!

Linda, thanks for taking our $s; Jim, thanks for all the help & great times

Dan & Garry, thanks for all the answers to our many, many questions!
Don uses RAM components to mount his GPSMAP 60C

Rod canoes the
Churchill River with a

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

"I'm attaching five images from the canoe trip I recently completed with St. John's School of Alberta. I am an alumnus of a sister school. It was a three-week trip of which the last week was CRCA certification Training. Usually we paddle 26 foot canoes but this year is was a 2-man canoe trip. I arrived at the school to find that GPSCentral had supplied the school with a GPSmap 60CS. Wow. What a major upgrade! Big screen, uploaded topo maps, and really easy to use. Photos attached are as follows: #1 Aboriginal Rock Art on the Churchill River at High Rock Narrows. #2 (Top above) At Rooster Rapids on the Churchill River. No need for the coordinates as they are easy to read. Unfortunately the rapid is not in focus but the "rooster tail" in the rapid is at least five feet high. #3 Mr Coates and Mr Hardy lining a canoe down an un-shootable rapid #4 (Lower above) is of student Wheeler and Mr Coates in a rapid called "Surf City". Notice the bow has disappeared! #5 is of students Newstead and Moxam, again in "Surf City".

Ron B uses Ozi3D to make his own maps

Click for larger view

"I'm a big fan of OziExplorer and Ozi3D. I've been using Ozi3D for about a year to make maps of areas where I travel. It has to be one of the coolest applications around. A friend at work has been asking me how he can make his own 3D maps and rather than spend hours trying to explain it, I created a tutorial website that shows the process, all with free trial software and shareware.
A well equipped Drilling Supervisor's truck

Click for larger view
Click for another view

"Here is my Tompson Solutions setup: 2004 Toyota Tundra, Sirius Satellite Radio, CB and icom radios, with GPSMAP 76S and iPAQ"

[Douglas has used RAP-299 bases with a RAM-B-201-C long arm and RAM-HOL-PD2 for the iPAQ, RAM-B-201 and RAM-HOL-GA6 for the GPSMAP 76, with RAM-B-238 diamonds to connect]



James goes canoeing with his GPS V

Click for larger view

"I went on a canoe trip this past weekend and took my Garmin GPS V to Bottle Lake in the Kawartha Highlands in Ontario. It did a terrific job of keeping us on track and I was able to set the two access points, portages and campsite as waypoints for next time I go canoeing there. By the way, the water was like glass, reflecting the shoreline and we had some nice viewings of great blue herons. "


Russel's inexpensive GPSMAP 60CS mount

Click for larger view

"Wiring the belt clip between the dash board air vents on a '99 Jeep Cherokee makes an inexpensive mount for a GPSMAP 60CS. The internal antenna gets good reception most of the time, but an external one would improve the reception here in the woods of British Columbia "

Rob uses his Vista for real-time progress checks

Click for a larger view

"Greetings. Here's a picture of my eTrex Vista equipped Norco mountain bike. Instead of wondering where I am when exploring off road (and how to get home!) I have a fun real-time display of my progress. The bike mount works perfectly and is a no-brainer to install and use. Thanks for the great service."

Wayne goes adventuring with his GPSMAP 60C

Click for larger view                 Click for larger view

"Do I love my Map 60C? You bet I do! It has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy companion on all manner of adventures:
1 - The attached photos are from my latest journey into dangerous and uncharted areas... two weeks of camping and blueberry picking with family! This took place in east-central Alberta (just north of Lac La Biche lake), home of quad heaven - there are quad and hiking trails everywhere. Not only was it easy to stay lost, I actually had my woodsman uncle stop a quad ride at one point to ask me if we were in the right place - this from a rough and ready man of the woods who is almost 70 and still hunts every fall in those very same woods! This has become a family event every Labour Day weekend - we now have about 50 family members coming out to pick berries and go quadding (guess which one the guys usually do?) Using the track function of my Map 60C and frequent marking of waypoints, I am downloading all our wanderings to my PC and making maps of our adventures for all the kids.
2 - Prior to the berry picking, I travelled to Trois-Rivieres, Quebec for the Canadian Slo-Pitch Softball Championships. The Map 60C expertly guided me in my rental car from the airport in Montreal right to my lodgings in Trois-Rivieres. It also allowed me to expertly drive to ballparks and other important locations all week without a single look at a roadmap. And, given that the speed of my high-school French is much slower than the road signs whizzing by on the freeway, I am glad I had the GPS.
3 - Back in February, weeks after buying my Map 60C, I took it on a 100-kilometre snowmobile trip across the North Arm of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. On the return trip, about 20 miles from home, my machine got stuck in snow and ice. It was dark, 30 below zero and had been ill for the last two hours. Without the strength to unstick my snowmobile and no partner to help, I was in a bind. However, I had two items with me that possibly saved my life - the my Garmin Map 60C and a satellite phone. I was able to call the RCMP and give them my precise location. They were able to dispatch a snowmobile search and rescue team and find me before any real damage was done. Let me be clear - it was extremely unwise to travel so far alone - but having done that, I probably have my Map 60C to thank for being here today.
4 - An interesting and I suspect unintended benefit of the Map 60C is using the recalculation function a certain way in cities and on highways. As long as I am not in a rush to get anywhere, I can plot my eventual destination and then purposely take a wrong turn - I then can enjoy the scenery . I don't have to worry about where I am or where to go, because the GPS will recalculate a new course to get me out of the area. And it will keep recalculating as I take wrong turns, enjoying a part of the city or countryside that I never would have otherwise seen."

Jeff's Summit in his caching vehicle

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

"Here is some pics of my caching vehicle (a 2001 Chevy S-10 4X4 pickup), I mounted my Etrex Summit using one of the screws that hold down the speaker grill (I just had to use a longer screw). "
Colin's StreetPilot 2620 saves time and frustration

"I'm directionally challenged even in my home town, so I found the move to a new province a nightmare trying to find my way around. The 2620 mounts securely on my Suzuki motorcycle, and works great ! Saves me time and frustration. I take my 2620 with me everywhere I go. It's as important to me as my car keys."


Sonny's travels with his StreetPilot 2610

Click for a larger view

"My Garmin 2610 took me all the way back East and back to Victoria BC. without any problem, I been using Metro Guide Canada Version-4"

Don explores Italy with his Meridian Platinum

Click for a larger view

"I took this shot on the Northwest coast of Italy. My Italian is not great so, I don't know the graffiti. Hope that it is not offensive. In three weeks of traveling in Europe, this is the only sign of exactly where we were. Our GPS was fairly close. I have tried to blow it up and place it beside the sign but... In case that it isn't readable, the Meridian states 44 06.447N 009 43.824E with an elevation of 10M."

Naoki's geocaching gear arrives safely in Japan

Click for larger view

"Thank you Tessa! Today, I received the parcel that you sent to me. I'm very glad to have them. :) My wife is living in Calgary AB, so sometime I visit Calgary. Someday I want to visit your shop, thank you again!"

Ray puts his Meridian Platinum to good use in Afghanistan!
"We are exceptionally busy here and since receiving our GPSs they have been put to very good use... Please find some pics in additional emails of what is called TV Hill, MGRS WD 42S 120 207, "
Click for another view

Mike's vibration protected mount for his GPSMAP 76S

Click for larger view

"I bought a RAM mount from you for my GPSMap76S but it looked to me like there was too much vibration being transmitted through it from my BMW F650GS single cylinder bike. I felt that the GPS might be adversely affected so I made the following modification [for only about $25 in parts]. I added a set of four rubber mounts (Spaenaur part number 316-034) to isolate the GPS carrier from the top of the RAM mount, which was attached to a plexiglass plate. I feel much less concerned about vibration now as there doesn't seem to be any getting to the GPS."

Professional GPS mount by Wobblycat using broccoli elastics

Click for a larger view

"As you can see, I've used available resources to affix my GPS to the right handlebar of my motorcycle. The elastics were originally mounted on some broccoli that I've purchased over the months and do quite an adequate job of affixing my GPS V. I used the Garmin cigarette lighter adapter to connect the power directly into my motorcycle battery. On the day I took this picture, I logged 556 km over 8 hrs and 26 mins over roads varying from smooth to moderately rough and the Garmin didn't fall off once! (although I did readjust the elastics periodically during the day). For those who would like to use my mounting system, simply attach 3 broccoli elastics across the front of the GPS Unit (see picture -- the middle elastic goes over the master cylinder for the front brake) and then use a 4th elastic sideways to cinch the 3 elastics tighter. Whereas the RAM mounts offer "unmatched mobility, versatility, strength, and vibration protection Ideal for motorcycle, snowmobile and ATV use," my broccoli elastic mounting system offers a different kind of versatility where in a tight pinch, could be used to tie up your hair or even hold a couple broccoli stems together.."

Wobblycat declares a RAM mount more sweet than broccoli elastics!

Click for a larger view

"This shows how I used the RAM mount to attach it to my left handlebar using the RAM-B-231Z Zinc U Bolt Base 1" U bolt, standard arm, diamond ball and RAM-HOL-GA2 Holder for the GPS V. This is a sweet setup -- even more sweet than the broccoli elastics! This has the advantage of being very adjustable and I have to say, the chicks dig it a lot more (see below!)

Click for a larger view

On the practical side (not saying chicks aren't practical), the RAM mount system is very strong so I'm not worried about my GPS falling off after hitting a hard bump. The matte black finish is very sharp looking and rustproof."

James goes Confluence hunting with hiis SporTrak Map

Click for a larger front view
Click for a larger back view

"I have taken my Magellan SporTrak Map with me everywhere I go since I got it in April and it has been fantastic. I ordered the Streets and Destinations Europe CD which made navigating around France a snap. We always knew where we were going and arrived on time for the D-Day Celebrations on June 6th.

I recently travelled up to Northern Ontario in an attempt to hike to a Degree Confluence ( and the SporTrak again helped out immensely. On the way home we were cruising with windows down and were enjoying the fresh summer air. My friend winged around a corner which sent the GPS unit flying off the dashboard and out of the car at 60kph, skidding into the middle of the road. It was then run over by a pickup truck. I jumped out, grabbed the unit, turned it on.... and away we went, as though nothing happened. Its scratched up a little but has survived intact. If anyone is wondering about the durability of the Magellan units, don't worry, they're fine!

Robin takes his GPS V on his travels in Europe

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

Click images for larger views

"Something completely different."

2nd Annual Geocachers Event Cache in the East Kootenays

Click for a larger view

"Here's some photos from the 2nd Annual Geocachers Event Cache held in the East Kootenays on the July long weekend. Some people had to leave early so they aren't in the photo."

Click for a larger view

"Graylling and the 7 Squared (7's from Cranbrook) in school."

Click for a larger view

"1st place winners for the furthest to travel to the event cache are: A C. J. Lady and Red Ryder from California - they won the large medallion that I will be getting engraved.

Richard rides Route 366 with his GPS V

Click for larger view

"I am a helicopter pilot and use a Garmin every day, so I bought a Garmin GPS V for my Honda 1800 VTX. Left Ottawa last September in a driving rain and followed the GPS to Pembroke. The theory being that we would punch through the cold front into the clear air. It worked, but I did not have all the necessary data downloaded into the unit, so it ended up taking us along a long stretch of dirt road. My tires are touring slicks, not great on wet mud, but took my time and got safely back on good old asphalt. The weather started to break up while we were on the dirt stretch, so we took a break and shot this picture with the sun starting to filter through the fog and cloud. I use it all the time to plan routes and am looking at an extended trip this summer. Which brings me to the point (finally). I found that the City Navigator which comes with the GPS V a little short when it comes to Canada. Example: the dirt section on Hwy 366 and Hwy 407 north of Toronto (not marked). It is also missing a number of smaller roads. So I bought the Metroguide Canada recently. Wonderful! Has everything I need, except the Garmin GPS V can't handle all that data. So now I'm interested in the Street Pilot III"

Mike's GPS V on his Suzuki V-Strom

Click for larger view

"I just love my new GPS V on my Suzuki V-Strom (DL1000). I've used it on regular twisty road and on pretty small routes as well and it was doing its job greatly!!! It is a great tool, fun to use!!! The Ram Mount is fine too!!!

What's a Multipath Error?

Click for larger view

"My caption for this image is "What's a Multipath Error?" I double zip-locked my trusty old Garmin 38 in hopes that it would survive a dive of 100 feet but no such luck! The pressure was too much for it.

Photo taken 26 April, 04. San Andres Island, Columbia Zone 17 E 0422063 N 1391165 Or N 12? 35' 0" W 81? 43' 3" At 100 feet below sea level. "

Mark's first trip with his GPSMAP 276C

Click for a larger view

"Here are some photos of my first trip with the Garmin 276C. The 276C replaced my Garmin V and has an absolutely beautiful screen. Very easy to read in all conditions. I like the fact that it has a Li-On battery that recharges while attached to vehicle power. The photos are of the unit attached via RAM mounts to a BMW R1150GS. My only complaint is that the new Canada Metroguide 4 seems to get confused every now and then. Especially, in areas where the CMG4 and City Select have boundaries together." [Check out the V 6.00 City Select update with more complete coverage of Canada as an alternative.]
Robert created a 3D image of Mt Carleton
with Ozi3D

Click for larger view

"Thought I'd share a bitmap* of Mount Carleton here in New Brunswick. It's the highest point in the province at 2690 feet. I created it using OziExplorer and OziExplorer3D. The Landsat orthoimage was obtained from Toporama and the digital elevation data came from GeoBase. GeoBase has extremely detailed (0.75 arc second) elevation data for nearly the entire country and it's free. With my eTrex Vista, ETopo maps, and MapSource Topo Canada there is no place in the province I can't access. Along with OziExplorer I can find things to help me save energy on my trips into the forest and avoid painful detours."
[*Robert's original image was a 2MB bitmap]

Abraham's GPSMAP 60C on Davie Lake

Click for larger view

"I have owned my Garmin 60C for about two months now and I still take it everywhere with me. This is the latest bit of travelling we have done with its assistance; a day trip around Davie Lake. We weren't worried about the water because of the unit's flotation and waterproof features. I could not be happier with my purchase, this unit is unbelievably rugged"

Yuri goes flying with his eTrex Legend

Click for larger view

"Somewhere above the ocean."

Al picking stones with his Garmin Legend

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

"Well here it is the weekend and it is raining again. Last week I did get out stone picking and got several pictures."


Lex uses a cell phone platform to mount his iQue 3600 in his Miata

Click for a larger view

"Here is a shot from the passenger side. It shows the cell phone platform and the standard mount. When unlocked, the iQue can be swung around for the passenger. The cell phone platform is wedged between the transmission hump and the seat. This provides for zero vibration. I have just moved it back and closer so that I don't need a permanent setup."

Click for a larger view
Under the hood

"Here is a shot of where I keep the antenna when the top is up. The antenna is held in place with some Velcro. When the top is down, I can use the iQue antenna or both."
Marc's Meridian Gold on his BMW K1200GT

Click for larger view

Click for larger view
"Here is the installation on my new motorcycle. It works great.
Base components: 1 RAM Angle Ball, 9mm GCR11B Bolt/spacer, 10mm spacer from GCMXB. I found that the bolt provided was a bit short. I upgraded the bolt to: 8 diameter, 1.25 pitch, 60mm, allen head stainless steel bolt."

Michael finds his way around BC forestry roads with his GPS V

Click for larger view

"Here's my GPS V mounted using the short arm on the RAM mount and Escort Passport Radar detector using the 3" arm.

During some adventure riding on the Suzuki V-Strom which included riding over rough four wheel drive tracks everything stayed in place.

The GPS V amazed me with finding my way around in BC forestry roads."

Bruce mounted his SporTrak Map using an "Ezy-Mount" Gadget Mount & RAM parts

Click for larger view

"A photo showing my Magellan Sportrak Map unit on my Kawasaki Concours motorcycle.

It is attached with an "Ezy-Mount" Gadget Mount, along with the standard RAM arm and holder. It has a cigarette lighter adapter, allowing the unit to run directly off the bike's power as well."

Alain uses his TN-200 with his RAM-mounted laptop

Click for a larger view

"J'ai utilis? durant un voyage de 10 000 km en "5 weels" le GPS TripNav TN200 de Rayming avec le logiciel Streets & Trips 2004 de Microsoft sur mon portable Fujitsu Lifebook E-6555 qui est install? sur un "NPI Ram LapTop Computer Tray" que j'ai adapt? avec un fer angle viss? sur la console entre les deux si?ges de mon camion.

Je suis tr?s satisfait de l'installation du portable, du fonctionnement du GPS et du logiciel."

Douglas & Christina use their StreetPilot 2610 travelling in AB & BC

Click for larger view

"Hi all at GPS Central from Scotland.

We did not have enough time to come back in to see you on our return to Calgary, the 2610 worked an absolute treat during our 3200 KM trip from Calgary and back via Canmore, Banff, Jasper, Kamloops, Whistler, Vancouver. The weather was a bit mixed, but we had a great time, not having to navigate with a map made the trip so much more enjoyable. The only time it lost the signal was in Vancouver and Calgary when we were in the down town parts of the cities, but were not inconvenienced by this. We are hoping to come back to Calgary next year around the stampede time, so might see you then. The photo attached was when we were on our way to Jasper via the Icefields parkway."

Peter and Carrie use the
GPS 76 with GA27C
on the Arctic Ice

Click for larger view

Carrie: Carrie Breneman (University of Manitoba) finding her way home in the snow. The relatively warm GPS unit has just been pulled from within her parka (note the absence of snow or ice on it). Note the antenna strung on her shoulder.
"I was a part of the science team on Leg 4 of the CASES project (see
) My own use of the GPS unit was simply setting up a true N-S line for our meteorological towers and checking the directional offset of our wind sensors (see log for Jan 27), but since others in the group were having problems with their own GPS units in the -35C temperatures we loaned ours to the team tracking polar bears. Note that the remote antenna was the vital component in using the GPS at -35C.

Wayne uses his Vista crossing Lake Ontario

Click for larger view

"I wasn't taking this photo to show the Etrex Vista specifically...but it's there. The Vista is hanging on the port side of the companion-way on this 26 foot Tanzer sailboat, with the data cable plugged into the laptop which is being used as a plotter as we cross Lake Ontario. Two days, no land in sight, the Etrex Vista come in handy!"
Mike's Legend on his BMW F650GS

Click for a larger view

"Just wanted to let you know that if you have a crossbar on the handlebars of your motorcycle, as my BMW F650GS has, you can use the bicycle Handlebar Mount to hold your GPS. I have a Legend and used a couple of old rubber instrument feet slit through so they could be installed to increase the diameter of the crossbar, then installed the handlebar mount over the rubber feet. Works perfectly and even allows you to swivel the mount up or down, depending on how much you tighten it."

Tom & Heather host
The 1st Mid Island Geocache Event

Click for larger view

"Thank you for making this a great event... Everyone (and their dogs) had a BLAST...The weather cooperated. If you look at the clue sheet for the cache you will see there were 4 caches they had to find...

First task was to figure out the lat and long... In each cache were cards in sealed envelopes...Each team took one card, when they had all 4 they came back to the beach for the 5th card... The best poker hand won!" Prize table

Mark's Legend: "All weather durability"

Click for a larger view

Click for a larger view

"I have had my Garmin Legend for over a year now, I can attest to its ruggedness and all weather durability. I used a RAM mount & an old cell phone base for my 300EX Honda quad. I have purchased (6) Garmin Legends for friends and co-workers from GPS Central, and always received excellent service. I use my Garmin in western Alberta rain, shine, summer & winter and it works great."

Evan takes his Meridian Gold mud holing

Click for a larger view

"I purchased a Magellan Meridian Gold from GPSCentral in the summer of 2003. I use it when I go quadding at McLean Creak OHV area and the Waiparous area. It has made my adventures much more interesting and eventful. I also share the waypoints and tracks with others in my ATV forum. Here is a pic of it on my Honda Foreman 450 quad, (using Ram Mounts) just before I entered a mud hole!"

Gita takes her GPSMAP 60C to Baffin Island
"I did take pictures of the use of my GPS on Baffin Island. Here are a few showing the use of the GPS and the external antenna hookup on a dog team trip on the sea ice around Cape Dorset, Nunavut."

Ray's Sportrak Map & RAM mount on his Polaris sled

Click for a larger view

"Here's a picture (as promised) of the Magellan Sportrak Map mounted in a RAM mount cradle with the short 2" clamp, round base on a 2002 Polaris xcsp edge 800. Works great, I thought the cradle would crack in the extreme cold we were having -45c with wind chill -35 without, but it withstood the cold, jumps and bumps.

I was running power from the internal AA 15 minute rechargeable (Rayovac 2000mah). the cord for the cig lighter is attached to the GPS but not plugged in yet. The lithium photo AA non rechargeable batteries work OK (16 hrs in -15C avg) but, $4.00 each is a little pricey for my pockets for a one shot deal. IMHO the 15 minute rechargeable NIMH give the best bang for the buck, approximately 10-12 hrs. in -10C. And they can be used over and over.

UPDATE: Almost 1000 miles on the sled this year so far. The RAM Mount system is still like new. Good job guys. Let me know if you want more pictures."

Tim goes racing with his GPSMAP 60C
"Here's a photo from the weekend race, I'll send you something else soon. Just waiting for the temps to warm up a little. "

Trevor uses his
on the
Yukon Quest 2004

"I was hoping to send these updates out from the trail, but internet access has not been easy to come by (go figure). I'll also try to get these posted to the website. Hope you're all enjoying the race! "

The New Brunswick Geocaching Gang

Click for a larger view

"We had a nice Geocaching event on Sunday. We had about 20 people show up and 1 reporter. I gave out your business cards to everyone who attended, including the reporter, because he seemed interested in buying a GPS after we took him out caching! [Here] is a group photo of the gang! Can you pic me out? Shouldn't be too hard!"
Geocaching and GPS Central in the Campbellton Tribune

Click for larger view

"Remember the Geocaching event we recently held here in Northern NB? You sent me some business cards, which I passed out. Well there happened to be a reporter from the Campbellton Tribune there who did a story on Geocaching. He mentions in the article. I have taken a pic of it and attached it to this e-mail!"

Geocaching Extreme

"Just thought I would send you a couple of pics of my Geocaching tattoo I had done recently."

Steve goes geocaching with his Garmin 60C

Click for a larger view

"A friend and I went Geocaching yesterday. We took a few pics and thought I would pass one on to you. This pic is of me with my new Garmin GPSmap 60c, which, in my humble opinion, is by far the best GPS on the market today for my use. The color screen, fast speed USB port and the Geocaching mode make this my new favorite toy!"

John's Garmin 2610 mounted in his Jag XJ8
Ken: "I use my GPS system to make me more productive as a truck driver. "

Click for a larger view

Click to view mounting detail

"Some time has gone by but finally pictures of the RAM mount of my Garmin 2610"

"I had first bought the Garmin GPS 76 as a "toy." After getting a speeding ticket, I thought I'd check my speed and found that my speedometer was under-reading. I then decided to buy a mount from GPS Central and mounted it in a previous truck that I had owned. Using it to never exceed 10% of the posted speed limit, I have never got a speeding ticket. This had paid for itself.

I've owned a laptop for several years, and seeing MS's Street and Trips, I thought that would be a handy tool to have while on the road. Discovering its options I found that I could hook up a GPS transmitter to my laptop; so I bought a Power/Data Cable to connect to the serial port of a previous laptop that I owned. Until recently I would only use it occasionally if I got lost. The laptop would merely sit on the passenger seat.

I then ended up getting a new laptop which had no serial port, but only USB ports, so once again I shopped at GPS Central and bought a USB to Serial Cable Converter (USB 232). [To those of you contemplating buying this product be advised that while this setup works perfectly fine, if you place your laptop in standby and then wake it up, you MUST first shut off the GPS receiver or disconnect the data cable BEFORE waking it up... otherwise the mouse pointer will dance all over the screen and cause some computer chaos]

With the new job that I just got where I am sent for as many as 20 deliveries and pickups in a two day period in the SE section of PA and western sections of NJ & DE along with getting a new truck, I decided I wanted a more professional set up. So I bought a RAM mount and universal laptop tray system from GPS Central. I mounted it on the metal side-rail of the passenger seat. It's now within easy reach and making my life easier and more productive as a commercial driver. As a non-resident of that area the GPS system is invaluable. I has allowed me work through the cities and country side giving me peace of mind and time loss prevention."

Bob uses his Forerunner 201 for XC ski training

Click to enlarge

Click for a closer view

Click to enlarge

"Hi Folks, got my Forerunner charged and am now using it for my XC Ski training in the Gatineau parc. Works great, very accurate, gives me my speed and distance when I want it.

Measured distances on Gatineau topo map and its bang on. I like the history memory feature when I get home to log my sessions in my journal.

I just have to keep my jacket cuff pulled over the unit so as to keep it warm as we have had some cccccold temps here recently, -27'c and wind chill of -38'c, brrrrr. Thanks for a great service and a reliable product."


Wayne marks his Cairo location with his
eTrex Legend

Click for a larger view

Click to enlarge

"Jo, I forgot to get the photo of the GPS at the camel market, but on the way back, I thought about a better venue.

Unfortunately it was very sunny and bright, so there is a reflection in the GPS display, but I managed to get one where you can zoom in on the display to see the latitude and longitude on the display in the "Satellite" window. As for the caption.I think the photos will speak for themselves! "

[Wayne, we're looking forward to a camel market pic!]

Tia Maria's StreetPilot III truck installation
"100% done by me"!

Click for a larger view
Click for finished installation

"I LOVE my StreetPilot III. I have no sense of direction, just ask my husband, so I use it daily! Along with being a GPS fanatic I am also a "let's try it because God never loved a coward" kinda of gal so I did some wiring and cutting all by myself to install it in my truck. In the consol of my truck it has a secondary power thingy, technical term, on the passenger side. So after I figured out how to get to the wires and a quick trip to Canadian Tire to pick up a splicing unit I was off and running. I stopped by my favorite store, GPS Central, to pick up a RAM Mount which was a perfect fit! With more courage then knowledge and alot of "choice words" I managed to hooked up my StreetPilot and hide all the wires. Then came the actual cutting of the plastic piece in my truck. I needed to call Ford before the first cut was made to find out how much this would cost if it ended up a mistake. Feeling confident I could afford the repairs away I went with a borrowed Dremel power tool, which I now love as well. Certainly it's not a professional install but I am proud to say it's 100% done by me. My StreetPilot came in handy when my sister and I went on our just the girls trip. We went along I95 to New York, Boston and then to Atlantic Canada. Each step of the way we were guided with precision through the streets of New York and Prince Edward Island alike. Never once did my StreetPilot disappoint. Thanks Garmin for a great product! "

Sylvain's eMap RAM mounted on his Harley Davidson SuperGlide

Click for a larger view
Click for attachment detail

"I have attached pictures of the installation on my latest motorcycle: a Harley Davidson SuperGlide. Looking at your web site tonight,

I just learned that the eMap is now discontinued so the pictures may not be much use to use but it still shows how a RAM mount can look.

Probably good information for you to send to other customers if they wonder how it is going to look once they are done with their installation. I guess time has come to upgrade my eMap to something else. : )"
Stephane's GPSMAP 276C RAM mounted on his BMW K1200LT

Click for a larger view
Click for mounting detail

"This is my 276C installation on my BMW K1200LT with a RAM mounting systems, everiting work just great! solid, simple to adjust and it's very easy to transfer to the car, I have another mounting for the car."

Martin is "lost" without his eTrex Venture
in New Zealand
Francois uses RAM mounts in his 4wd vehicle in Morocco

Click for larger view
"I've just order some RAM-mount components I would like to share with you my ram mount experience in 4wd vehicle with GPS. Have a look on my webpage in frenche and the Morocco trip report. Ram mount are Great products !!

Carlos uses his GPSMAP 196 in Burnaby
Click for a larger view

"As you know, we at RallyConnex, use GPS's to guide our customers through remote areas of Ontario, Quebec, and BC, on Dualsport motorcycles. A typical daily tour is about 330km. We have many different route options ranging from one day adventures to one month."

click to enlarge: Tour Group

click to enlarge: Bike 'n Trees

click to enlarge: Team RC2
Terry uses his GPS V for Dual Sport riding & back country navigation

Click for a larger view

"I bought the Garmin GPS V from you shortly after it came out last spring. I have it mounted on a RAM mount on my Kawasaki KLR650 and have used it for Dual Sport riding in Southern BC. I love it! I also have the windshield suction mount and use it in my truck and camper and in my Toyota 4WD. Last week I drove out to Calgary and used it to find your shop and buy a serial/USB cable adapter. Which, by the way, works just fine on my laptop with windows XP. The photo was taken at the north end of Harrison Lake, on my way to Whistler BC from Vancouver, using only back country logging roads. A great trip and one made much easier with my Garmin V! Next year the plan is to use it to help me tour the Yukon."

Mark B uses a Garmin GPS 60CSx on his BMW R1150GS

click to enlarge

"About one year ago I purchased my Garmin eTrex Venture from you. What an incredible tool. I use it every time I go out on my bike, and I am 'lost' without it.. I've taken some photos of it from some good rides"

Click to enlarge

Click for another view

"The tunnel photos are in the Rimutaka Hill ranges, north of Wellington, NZ. (This track is an old railway line, thankfully with the tracks removed. There are five tunnels in total covering 20 km)"

Jeff pilots his helicopter with StreetPilot III over Great Slave Lake

Click to enlarge

"Here's a photo of my Garmin Pilot III guiding me up and over a water crossing at the east arm of Great Slave lake. Helicopter is a Bell 206 Jetranger. Just climbed through 2000ft for 3000ft to get over the crossing. On my way back from the eastern arctic to Yellowknife. Enjoy..."

Click for a larger view
Click for another view

Click to enlarge
Click to see location on
Garmin MapSource WorldMap

"The mountain views are taken at the summit of Mt Climbe, North of Wellington, NZ. (Avg. speed 4.3km/h and a height of 820m, it's about one hour of heart thumping blood sweating exercise, with a speedy downhill..)"

Jon develops a great geocaching system with the nüvi 350 and eXplorist 600

Click to enlarge

"I really don't use that mirror anyway. There's way to much stuff in the back of my truck. The Garmin n?vi 350 and Magellan eXplorist 600 make a good pair for geocaching. With the ability to now enter coordinates directly into the n?vi it can even be used by itself for some of those urban micros that everyone loves to hate! For most other caches though, the eXplorist is a definite must."



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