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Thanks to everyone who sent photos and reports of GPS experiences, applications and installations!
Send yours to (Subject = Photo Gallery) - or post your pics & stories at GPS Central on Facebook as Fan Photos.
Greg wins contest!
eTrex Venture Cx

Easter Egg Prize and I

Dear Kind folks at Gpscentral,

Today, march 31-08 at noon, Newfoundland time, i was so very pleased greet my mailman, who, in exchange for my signature, passed me a new garmin etrex venture cx gps.

I want to express my thanks to Gpscentral , for having a terrific contest like this years' easter egg hunt, and sending the prize to me via expresspost ...all at no charge to myself.

I spent many fun hours searching your website for clues, and I would especially like to thank monica for fielding my phone calls about the contest...

I am exclosing a photo of myself holding the prize for which im very grateful to have won.

Thank you again.

Regards,Greg P.
Gander, Newfoundland
Canada .

Visit National Historic Sites of Canada. this summer!

Atlas Coal Mine
Atlas Coal Mine, AB

Walk the ground.



River Shiver 2008, GPS Winner
Jim - Winner of Poker run and GPS!

River Shiver 2008, GPS Runners Up
Sara and Kevin - Runner Up GPS!

Dear Mr. George Valentine,

On behalf of Rocky Mountain Land Cruiser Association (RMLCA), its club members, and the River Shiver 2008 participants, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation and thank all of our sponsors for their contributions, sponsorship and commitment to this Calgary area event, our club and the 4WD community.

We filled our registration in record time with 34 participants and 18 Toyota 4x4 trucks (domestic and Japanese - 40, 45s, 60s, 70s, 73s, 74s, 80s, 100 series and a mini). Participants came from as far as California, Colorado, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Fort St. John, Edmonton et al. We had fantastic weather, great trails, super Geo-cache Poker Run, abundant and delicious food, super social time and excellent participants.

We had a record valuation of prizes thanks to all of you..... We are sincerely grateful to all of our sponsors – may our trails cross in the future!


Rod uses his Vista Cx to find his
SPOT Satellite Messenger!

Lost Spot

Well, I haven't sent a story to you in a few years so here's another one. You probably won't recall but I was allowed to use one of your units a number of years ago on a canoe trip with St. John's School of Alberta. That trip got me hooked on GPS and your store. I have been teaching a GPS course at night at the college in Thunder Bay for a number of years, as well as teaching GPS to my Adventure Program students at the same college. I always reccommend your store and know that you at least sell some units to people in Thunder Bay. I know that the Community Programs department has purchased at least 30-40 units. Anyway, the point of the above is just to say you supported SJSA (and me at the same time) and I continue to support you.

Here's the story.

I recently purchased a SPOT messenger and went to Costa Rica last week. SPOT has a neat feature wherein friends and family can see where you are if they look at a site on the Internet. I took my SPOT unit and my Vista Cx to Costa Rica. While on a horse ride through the jungle and on some beaches the SPOT unit fell off and I did not notice the loss until the end of the ride.

I really did not want to re-trace the horse ride so I used GPS technology to try and find the lost unit. I returned to my hotel, entered the SPOT web site and noted the last location of the unit. I rented a motorcycle, entered the coordinate data into my Vista Cx and used "go to".

The Vista took me to within 15 feet of the lost SPOT unit. It seems it fell off while the horse was climbing a riverbank. I've enclosed a picture. This picture shows exactly where the unit was. I'm just feeling a little nervous as really BIG crocodiles live in the river behind me.

Found at 16P   E0757397 N1075490 or N 9.72131 W84.65398 Thanks, eh? Rod Thunder Bay, ON


Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx at 2256 m
Jeff's geocache in Jamaica...

The cache info GCF683, Blue Summit.  elevation 2256m or 7402'

Jeff - Jamaica sunrise
taken at sunrise (enlarge)

Hi, it was on my recent trip to Jamaica - to climb the blue mountain peak and mark my 2300th geocache from the highest point in the Carribean. - Jeff

2300th geocahche - Jamaica
my 60CX on the trig monument marking 2300th geocache (enlarge)

Garmin GPSMap 60Cx - Jamaica
close up of 60CX 3m from the peak (enlarge)

Trig monument - Jamaica
the trig monument at sunrise (enlarge)

Oddie & Jeff at Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park. Picture was taken with Oddie, my Shnoodle wearing my SPOT. Well, at least one of use would be found. -Robert (Vancouver)

Robert, Oddie & SPOT
(click to enlarge)

The muskeg. The quads. What the Vista HCx can really do...

Moose ATV club
(click to enlarge)

My friends and I spend a lot of time on our quads, touring north-eastern British Columbia. Many of the areas we head into are tough going, with muskeg and limited visibility due to the terrain. It is very easy to get turned around and lost, but we always feel safe with our Garmin Vista HCX. With over 1 gig of storage on the Micro SD chip and the Topo Canada maps for BC and Alberta loaded in, no matter where we are, we know “how to get back”. These units receive satellite signals no matter how dense the bush, and have not let us down yet. I had the Garmin 276C for awhile, but like the Vista so much more, as the Sat signals received by the Vista are more numerous than the 276.As you can see by the picture, quads, Garmin and rider get covered in mud, yet a quick wipe with the glove is enough to keep the Garmin screen visible. I use the Ram Stainless U bolt on the quad, and have the suction cup mount in the truck. At the end of the ride, a quick splash of clean water, wipe with a rag, and in the truck it goes to help keep track of mileage. At the end of the day, each track is saved on the computer for easy reference later on. Our ATV Club has used the Garmin tracks to build a Map of our local trails, which we use as a fund raiser for our club. We also have the SPOT Satellite Messenger in case we get into trouble, and would not think to leave home without it on those remote trips. Reviewing the “Photo Gallery” page, I noticed that most of the pictures are of nice clean units, so I thought maybe you needed one showing what these things can stand up too.
(Name withheld on request.)



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