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Bad Elf Flex

Bluetooth GNSS Receiver & Datalogger for GIS, Mapping, and Surveying

Bad Elf Flex delivers Bluetooth GNSS Receiver & Datalogger 30-60cm1 accuracy without any additional subscription or cost. Compatible with phones or tablets for use in GIS, mapping, agriculture, and survey data collection.

On-demand data logging includes:

  • Raw data loging in RINEX format for post-processing
  • NMEA logging in standard NMEA 0183 format
  • Available standalone or through the Bad Elf Flex app

Need higher accuracy than 30-60cm? No problem! Bad Elf Flex tokens provide a USD $25* per day rate for features that typically cost thousands of dollars – and every Bad Elf Flex unit includes a free starter pack for you.

This daily rate includes full access to both an unlocked RTK workflow and the Atlas L-Band correction service. Bad Elf Flex is the first GNSS receiver to have a daily choice with unlimited switching between L-Band and RTK.

Bad Elf Flex Accuracy & Versatility:

  • 1 cm RTK via NTRIP
  • 5 cm to 10 cm via satellite corrections worldwide
  • 30 cm - 60 cm via SBAS
  • 1 m autonomous
  • Post-processing capable
  • Multi-frequency / multi-constellation - BeiDou, Galileo, GPS, and Glonass
  • Portable, self-contained - mount on a rover pole or hold in one hand
  • Functional, full-day operation - 11-hr battery life2 with active power management
  • Compatible, app agnostic - works with iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Standalone, ergonomic - integrated keyboard and sunlight readable LCD
  • Rugged, industrial - IP65 rated for water and dust, industrial temperature range

Bad Elf App Support

Fully compatible with Android, iOS and Windows location-aware apps3. The Bad Elf Flex meets all requirements under Apple's MFi program, and works great with any location-based app in the App Store

1GPS L1 and SBAS
2Battery life is also dependent on temperature and use of L-Band services
3See specifications for minimum OS versions
*Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Bad Elf Flex tokens can be purchased through the Bad Elf Flex app or online at

Bad Elf Flex Applications:

Bad Elf Flex Standard

In SBAS-enabled regions, Bad Elf Flex achieves 30 cm - 60 cm accuracy sufficient for sub-meter GIS use. Simply pair the receiver with your tablet or phone and all location-aware apps become sub-meter capable. No additional software or special configuration required.

  • Daily cost - none
  • Multi-constellation - now standard*
  • Training - none

Metro Operation:

Operating in metro areas? Bad Elf Flex provides sub-meter capability for GIS use, perfect for your GIS field crews. Do you need to record precise locations for underground or above ground assets? Enable Extreme mode and use precision RTK with the Bad Elf Flex app built-in NTRIP client. With proper usage, your field crews can achieve centimeter accuracy in minutes.

  • Daily cost of one Bad Elf Flex Token (USD $25)
  • Use your preferred CORS or VRS network

Remote Operation

Do you collect data in areas without cellular coverage? Bad Elf Flex is capable of operating anywhere in the world using L-Band satellite-delivered corrections. Using Atlas1 provides accuracy down to 5 cm RMS in many situations. One can expect typical convergence times of 10 – 40 minutes. Options available for use of Atlas satellite-based corrections include:

  • Daily cost of one Bad Elf Flex Token (USD $25) or,
  • Subscription from 1 month to 1 year for longer-term usage1

Bad Elf Flex Extreme

If you require an RTK survey-grade rover for use more than 30 to 40 days a year, consider the Extreme bundle. Purchase at time of sale or after without any penalty. The Bad Elf Flex Extreme bundle includes the following unlocked services:

  • Daily cost - none
  • Fully unlocked RTK engine
  • Multiple-constellation enabled
  • Multiple-frequency enabled

Bad Elf Flex Tokens

Bad Elf Flex Tokens are stored on your Bad Elf Flex and available for use anytime and anywhere. Just load your Flex with tokens sufficient for the number of days you plan to work remotely. You can purchase Bad Elf Flex Tokens directly through the Bad Elf Flex app on iOS or Android, or online from Bad Elf Flex Tokens don't expire and remain on your receiver until you use them.

Each Bad Elf Flex Token is good for a 24-hour period from your first position lock. Ready for maximum flexibility? Bad Elf Flex is the only GNSS receiver to provide daily options for high accuracy. With one Bad Elf Flex Token, you can freely switch between these options:

  • Unlock multi-frequency
  • Use RTK with your local CORS or VRS network for centimeter level results
  • Use L-Band satellite corrections for places you don't have a data connection or SBAS availability
1Atlas is an L-band correction service operated by Hemisphere GNSS, Inc. and available to Bad Elf Flex through the purchase of Bad Elf Flex Tokens or subscription. For subscription periods of 1 month or more, please contact
*Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Bad Elf Flex tokens can be purchased through the Bad Elf Flex app or online at
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User Guide

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Bad Elf Flex standard bluetooth receiver & datalogger

Included In the Bad Elf Box:
• Bad Elf Flex Receiver
• 3ft (90cm) miniUSB cable for charging
• 12-24V DC vehicle USB charger

• Wall adapter

Accessory case
Rugged waterproof case
5/8" x 11 to 1/4" x 20 adapter
User's manual

Bluetooth Logo

pdf Bad Elf Flex Specifications (pdf)

Bad Elf Flex Standard

Bad Elf Flex Standard (Includes Bad Elf Flex Tokens Starter Pack - 5 Tokens)


Bad Elf Flex Extreme (Extreme Accuracy Activation with multi-constellation, multi-frequency and real-time kinematic support permanent activation included)


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