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Discontinued. Replaced by the Garmin 15x>>

The GPS 15 sensor is a small, lightweight, power efficient and inexpensive board level product whose main design criteria was to produce the least expensive GPS module possible.

The GPS 15 is designed for a variety of OEM system applications, including car navigation, wireless communications, marine navigation, mapping, and more. It offers excellent EMI/RFI performance for easy integration into systems that will be operated near mobile computing devices and wireless communications equipment. These are complete GPS systems that require minimal additional components to be supplied by an OEM or system integrator. A minimum system must provide the GPS with a source of power, a GPS antenna, and a clear view of the GPS satellites. An active antenna is recommended for improved performance. The system may communicate with the GPS 15 via 2 its CMOS-level serial port.

The GPS 15 is approximately the size and shape of a commemorative postage stamp (0.940" wide x 1.690" long x 0.309" tall). At 10 grams, it is also very lightweight. It requires a 3.3 V regulated power supply at an average of 80 mA of current.

The GPS 15-F is intended for direct connection to a UART or processor serial port (I = 3V and 0 = GND). Connection to the GPS 15 is via a 6 contact flex connector LIF (low insertion force) socket which is mounted to the board. This minimizes the amount of hand soldering required in customer designs using these receivers.

For prototyping use, the GPS 15-W (with a different connector type on the board) comes with a mating connector with pigtailed bare wire ends. This model is in limited supply; quantity orders are subject to a lead time of up to 6 - 8 weeks. For production use, the GPS 15-F is recommended since there is much less labor in installing a flex cable than there is in doing point-to-point wiring. The flex cable will also produce a more geometrically repeatable connection to the board than loose wires, reducing the associated variabilities from unit to unit.

According to GARMIN, "In short, the GPS 15 is the least amount of hardware that GARMIN conscientiously call a GPS receiver, yet it still provides the level of EMI/RFI performance that you have come to expect from our OEM sensor products."

• The GPS 15 series can use the GA27C antenna (recommended for prototyping purposes, but you may find smaller or less expensive antennas elsewhere.) The key requirements for the antenna are:
1) MCX male cable termination
2) Between 10 dBand 30 dB of e
lectrical gain
3) Must operate properly from the 3.3 V bias applied to the center conductor of the MCX connector, relative to GND on the outer conduction (3.0 V for the GPS 15L versions)

• GARMIN 6-pin flex cable and connectors are now available (see below)


Other products in the GPS sensor product line:
GPS 15L & GPS 15H

Pleae refer to GARMIN's Technical Specifications for more details of pinout, software interface etc.



GPS 15-F (connectors not included)
GPS 15-W
6 pin flex cable
6 pin socket
WI-3910MCX Click here to order

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