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If you need a GPS with a
LARGE, EASY-TO-READ display for auto, RV, marine,
VFR aviation or heavy equipment use a GPSMAP 182 or GPSMAP 182C could be the answer!

The 10-level grayscale GPSMAP 182 and the 16 colour, sunlight readable GPSMAP 182C are large screen models well suited for automobile, SUV and RV use as well as for marine and even VFR aviation applications.

The large numbers option of these models makes them even easier to read, continuously displaying your location and trip data as you travel. The high speed processor allows you to rapidly zoom in on the display for quick access to greater street detail and points of interest information such as address and phone number.

Additional map detail from a variety of MapSource CDROMs can be loaded into GARMIN data cards (available in sizes ranging from 8MB to 128MB) to provide quick and easy GPS access to street level detail and points of interest data including locations of rest areas, fuel stations, lodging, emergency services and more. Loading of map detail to data cards can be performed in just minutes with the use of an optional USB Data Card Programmer.

The GPSMAP 182 and GPSMAP 182C do not automatically calculate a route but you can easily plan your own routes as a series of waypoints and then program the 182 to navigate those routes, directing you from waypoint to waypoint with ease. Routes of your own choice can be planned either directly on the GPS unit or on your computer and then transferred to the GPS using a PC Interface Cable. Many travelers prefer the greater flexibility provided by this manual routing; 50 reversible routes with 50 waypoints per route can be stored.

Use of an external antenna provides greatest flexibility of positioning for optimal viewing and convenience. Either GA29 or GA 26C are suitable; for automobile use, the smaller GA 26C is most often preferred.

For automobile use the GPSMAP 182 and GPSMAP 182C can be conveniently powered with an optional cigarette lighter cable and a variety of mounting options are available. If space and suitable positioning permits, the supplied gimbal mount can simply be screwed in position, but a RAM mount solution may provide more viewing options allowing for the GPS unit to be tilted and swivelled as required for passengers' or driver's convenience. GPSMAP 182 models measure 6.18" H x 6.30"W x 2.6" D.

With a built-in worldwide basemap, both GPSMAP 182 models are also fully compatible with GARMIN's new BlueChart marine cartography for even greater versatility.

bluechart compatibleOH CANADA! Preprogrammed BlueChart Canada data cards are available now!

bluechart compatible
waas enabledgpsmap 182

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GPSMap 182, with external GPS antenna
GPSMap 182 with internal GPS antenna
GPSMap 182C with external GPS antenna
GPSMap 182C with internal GPS antenna

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