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Garmin 18x OEM

The GPS 18x is an OEM, high-sensitivity GPS sensor for use in automotive, marine, fleet vehicle, and electronics applications that require a small, highly accurate GPS receiver. It replaces the GPS 18 sensor.

This high-sensitivity, 12-parallel-channel, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver is available in CMOS-level serial or USB 2.0 full-speed versions and comes with an integrated magnetic base. The puck-like receiver is 2.4 inches in diameter and weighs just a few ounces, making it an ideal solution for applications where space is at a premium.

The GPS 18x is offered in three different cable configurations. All three versions of the GPS 18x come complete with non-volatile memory for storage of configuration information, a real-time clock and raw measurement output data for sophisticated customer applications.

Choose Your Connection Type

GPS 18x PC (010-00321-34) has DB-9 pin serial connector with 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter; can output data in NMEA 0183 format (industry standard) or proprietary Garmin format.

GPS 18x USB (010-00321-31) has A-style USB connector, compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 full-speed hosts; can output data in Garmin proprietary format only.

GPS 18x LVC, 5m (010-00321-36) has bare wire for connection to a variety of applications; can output data in NMEA 0183 format (industry standard) or proprietary Garmin format; provides a pulse-per-second logic-level output with a rising edge aligned to within 1 microsecond of UTC time.

The GPS 18x OEM is a high-sensitivity GPS sensor that replaces the GPS 18 OEM.

GPS 18x USB and NMEA GPS Applications:
GPS GateThe GPS 18x USB can be used with non-Garmin software which requires NMEA input if GpsGate is used. The GPS 18 produces data ONLY in the Garmin proprietary format and so is directly compatible ONLY with Garmin mapping products, or other software products that can decipher Garmin protocol such as FUGAWI software.

About GPS 18 and Linux (Customer feedback):
"We were able to get the GPS18 working in Linux quite nicely!
This driver supports a few other similar units and come kernel 2.6.11, the driver will be included!
I use this setup weekly when setting up wireless networks or just finding new clients' sites."
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In the box:
• GPS 18x with serial, USB or bare wire connection


GPS 18x PC



GPS 18x LVC, 5m

GPS 18x - USB
GPS 18x - PC

GPS 18x - LVC with 5m cable (bare wire)

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