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The GARMIN GPS 36 TracPak is a complete GPS receiver and embedded antenna designed for a broad spectrum of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) system applications. Based on the proven technology found in other GARMIN 12-channel GPS receivers, the GPS 36 will track up to twelve satellites at a time while providing one-second navigation updates and low power consumption. Its far-reaching capability meets the sensitivity requirements of land navigation as well as the dynamics requirements of high-performance aircraft.

The GPS 36 TracPak design utilizes the latest technology and high-level circuit integration to achieve superior performance while minimizing space and power requirements. Utilizing GARMIN's own proprietary chipset, all critical components of the system including the RF/IF receiver hardware and the digital baseband are designed and manufactured by GARMIN to ensure outstanding quality and capability.

The GPS 36 TracPak is housed in a white, water-resistant case and designed to withstand rugged operating conditions. While the GPS 36 TracPak is designed as a "plug 'n play" GPS solution, the minimum system must provide a source of power and a clear view of the GPS satellites. The system may communicate with the GPS 36 via two RS-232 compatible bi-directional communication channels. Internal memory backup allows the GPS 36 to retain critical data such as satellite orbital parameters, last position, date, and time. The GPS 36 TracPak also comes with a thirty-foot interface cable.

One Available Version

Attached 30 foot power/data cable with bare wire ends. Accepts power from unregulated high voltage power supplies between 6 and 40 VDC. Asynchronous serial data interfaces via 2 serial ports with true RS-232 voltage level outputs.*

*All serial inputs are compatible with either true RS-232 or TTL/CMOS voltage levels. Port 1 uses NMEA 0183 data format. Port 2 transmits binary position and raw measurement data and receives RTCM SC-104 differential corrections data, message types 1, 2, 3, and 9.




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