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Garmin GPSMAP 396

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Unparalleled Situational Awareness...

The GPSMAP 396 with XM WX Satellite WeatheT features Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD), Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METARs), Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs), Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs), Lightning and Winds Aloft, and several other important weather products to help pilots make informed navigational decisions. This new aviation handheld continues to reduce pilot workload by displaying Traffic Information Service (TIS) data when interfaced to the GTX 330, and can channel frequencies with the touch of a button when interfaced to the SL30 nav/comm radio.

The GPSMAP 396 is also capable of receiving XM Satellite Radio's music, sports, news, talk, and entertainment programming through a subscription. Once on the ground, the unit continues to provide pilots with invaluable information in a car or boat via automotive or marine navigation modes.

XM Satellite Weather and Radio in Canada
Watch for details of availability of XM weather services in Canada or contact
XM WX Satellite Weather
In Canada, the XM service is made available through XM's exclusive licensee, Canadian Satellite Radio Inc. (go to for the Canadian channel listing, online radio offerings and to subscribe). XM provides excellent coast-to-coast signal coverage to the densely populated regions of Canada through its satellites and a robust ground repeater network installed in major metropolitan areas.

Pilots can customize the map display to overlay XM WX data directly over the unit's Jeppesen and topographic map databases, or display individual weather products on the exclusive weather explorerT page (check with XM WX Satellite Weather for Canadian availability). In terrain mode, the GPSMAP 396 combines inputs from built-in terrain, obstacle, and electronic flight databases to give pilots a vivid depiction of proximity hazards that require their attention. Pilots can customize their own minimum-clearance limits to receive terrain cautions, which pop up as digital thumbnail images.

Viewing the display in any light is easy, thanks to the device's 256-color, high-resolution (480 x 320-pixel) TFT display. The unit also features USB data transfer, fast processing speed, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

XM Satellite data and audio is delivered to the GPSMAP 396 through Garmin's new GXM 30 smart antenna, which is included with the unit. The compact GXM 30 (roughly three inches in diameter) processes all weather information and sends the finished data to the GPSMAP 396 for display.

With the press of a button, the unit toggles into automotive or marine mode. When on the road, users can load the GPSMAP 396 with optional MapSource? City Select? software for voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions to addresses and points of interest. The optional auto kit includes a friction and dash mount, a cigarette-lighter adapter with speaker output, a 128-MB data card, and a MapSource City Select CD-ROM for detailed maps of the United States.

On the water, the GPSMAP 396 offers a worldwide marine database and U.S. tide data. When paired with MapSource BlueChart? marine cartography, this waterproof unit displays information including depth contours, inter-tidal zones, spot soundings, wrecks, navaids, port plans, restricted areas, cable areas, and anchorages.

GPSMAP 396 Features:
• WAAS-enabled, 12 parallel channel GPS receiver
• Adjustable quad-helix receiving antenna with remote antenna capability
• Display Size: 3.8" Diagonal, 480 x 320 pixels
• Display: 256-color, sunlight readable TFT with adjustable backlight
• Unit Dimensions: 5.7" W x 3.2" H x 1.9" D
• Adjustable yoke mount
• GXM 30 Smart Antenna for XM Satellite Radio Services (subscription necessary)
• GA 26C remote antenna
• Terrain/obstacle display with pop-up warnings
• Accepts standard Garmin data cards and pre-programmed data cards
• Built-in Americas Autoroute basemap with automatic routing and turn-by-turn directions
• Provides voice-prompt road guidance when the power/speaker cable is connected
• The basemap shows cities, interstates, coastline detail, and U.S. tide stations
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers 5 to 15 hours of use depending on backlight settings
• Provides separate serial and USB interfaces
• One RS-232 serial port
• 3,000 user waypoints with an expanded list of waypoint symbols
• 50 reversible routes with 300 waypoints per route
• 10,000 point automatic track log; 15 saved tracks, 1,000 saved track points each
• Project your position on the map with the configurable complex heading line
• Water resistant, IEC 60529 IPX7 standards (submersible to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
• Package includes MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager CD-ROM
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gpsmap 396 accessories
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waas enabled
bluechart compatiblejeppesen

satellite weather

garmin gpsmap 396

Package includes:
GPSMAP 396 receiver
GXM 30 smart antenna
Free single Jeppesen? update
Adjustable yoke mount
AC adapter cable
USB PC interface cable
Cigarette lighter adapter
Low profile remote GPS antenna
Trip & Waypoint Manager software
Carrying case
Owner's manual
Quick reference guide
GPSMAP 396 Americas
Automotive Navigation Accessory Pack, North America (includes City Select North America CD, auto mount, friction mount, 128 MB data card, speaker w/12V power cable)
Discontinued 010-10510-00
Automotive Navigation Accessory Pack, Canada
(includes MetroGuide Canada V4 CD, auto mount, friction mount, 128 MB data card, speaker w/12V power cable)
Discontinued 010-10510-02

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