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Garmin Mechanic with ecoRoute hd

Discontinued. No longer available.


  • Provides customizable gauges to monitor RPM, air/fuel mixture*, oil pressure*, oil temp*, coolant temp, air flow, fuel flow*, air pressure, and more
  • Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), allowing you to view more than 4,000 trouble codes, their meaning, and reset the check engine light
  • Offers accurate fuel consumption data that can actually help you improve MPG
  • Includes simple installation instructions; it only takes an average of 5 minutes

*Only available on the Android app

Get Real-time Diagnostics

Transform your Bluetooth® compatible nüvi or Android™ smartphone into a real-time diagnostic computer with Garmin Mechanic with ecoRoute HD. By connecting to your vehicle’s diagnostic system, ecoRoute HD monitors vehicle performance and provides detailed system data, including engine monitoring, sensor and gauge data, fuel efficiency, engine diagnostics and more.

Check Your Gauges

Now you can have a complete gauge cluster in 1 convenient location. The information displayed on the gauges page is collected directly from your vehicle. You can select the gauges you want to monitor most and customize screens with various gauge packages. The number and type of gauges displayed may vary by vehicle.

Meet Your New Mechanic

How many times has your check engine light come on but you have no idea what is wrong? With ecoRoute HD, you’ll receive clear explanations as to what is wrong with your vehicle, and you even have the ability to reset your check engine light, saving you time and money spent at the repair shop. After completing a simple installation, you can run diagnostic testing on vehicle systems, such as the battery and drive train, to receive engine performance data and more than 4,000 error codes.

Learn How to Increase MPG

You can use the data from ecoRoute HD to actually help you improve your driving habits and get more miles to the tank using timely fuel and mileage reports featuring accurate fuel consumption/conservation data. Calculate your fuel efficiency, carbon footprint and more all through your compatible nüvi or Android smartphone.

Mechanics and dealers can charge you as much as $100 to run the same diagnostic tests ecoRoute HD performs just to find out why your check engine light is on. Add on its ability to help you save on fuel, and ecoRoute HD can more than pay for itself!

Easy Installation

Whether you are using your compatible nüvi or your smartphone, installation is a snap:

  • nüvi: Simply plug the ecoRoute HD module into the vehicle’s standardized onboard diagnostics port then complete the easy one-time pairing
  • smartphone: Simply download the Garmin Mechanic app from the Android Market™ and follow the on-screen prompts

Eco Route HD Installation Video

Screen Examples

ecoRoute hd DTC
(DTC) Diagnostic Screen

ecoRoute hd ecochallenge

ecoRoute hd fuel economy
Fuel Economy

ecoRoute hd guages

ecoRoute menu screen
ecoRoute Menu

ecoRoute hd trip computer
Trip Computer


ecoRoute hd

Package includes:
• ecoRoute hd
• Zip ties
• Adhesive tape
• Installation instructions


Compatible with the following devices:

dezl 560LMT
dezl 760LMT
nuLink! 1690
nuLink! 1695
nuvi 1260T
nuvi 1370T
nuvi 1390T/LMT
nuvi 1490T/LMT
nuvi 1690
nuvi 2360LT/LMT
nuvi 2370LT
nuvi 2460LT/LMT
nuvi 2475LT
nuvi 2495LMT
nuvi 2497LMT
nuvi 2595LMT
nuvi 2577LT
nuvi 2597LMT
nuvi 2797LMT
nuvi 3490LMT
nuvi 3590LMT
nuvi 3760t/LMT
nuvi 3790t/LMT

nuvi 3597LMTHD

Garmin Mechanic with ecoRoute HD

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