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Garmin eTrex

The Garmin eTrex GPS has been replaced by the Garmin eTrex H >>

The Garmin eTrex GPS is a six ounce, 12 channel, hand held GPS receiver, with a built-in patch antenna and only five user buttons. All buttons are located on either side of the unit, allowing for simple, one-handed operation that won't obstruct your view of the display. Thanks to its bright yellow case, the eTrex will be hard to misplace and easy to find in any boat or backpack. It runs for 22 hours on two AA alkaline in battery save mode.

In addition to determining your location, the eTrex will create, name and save a location (as an electronic waypoint) in its memory, allowing you to navigate back to this point any time you want. Once you start moving, the eTrex provides other data, like speed, direction of movement, time and distance to destination, and more.

Features include:
Waypoints: Stores 500 waypoints with name and graphic symbol
Tracks: Automatic track log saves up to 10 tracks to retrace your path in either direction
Route: Stores 1 route with up to 50 waypoints which can be navigated in sequence
Display resolution: 64 x 128 pixels, 3103 pixels per square inch
Waterproofness: Meet rigid IEC 529 IPX7 waterproofness standard (submersible for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter) NB: Electronics are protected if immersed, but battery compartment may get wet. Make sure batteries and compartment are dry before using.
Trip Computer: Current speed, average speed, maximum speed, direction of movement, bearing, elevation, time of sunrise/sunset, trip timer and trip odometer.
MapSource Compatibility: Trip and Waypoint Management software on all MapSource CDs can be utilised to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between PC and the eTrex. You can plan a route on your PC using the map for reference and then transfer it to the eTrex or upload a series of waypoints you have recorded on the eTrex to your PC to archive or edit and reload to the receiver.

Display Language:
eTrex can display English only, eTrex Bilingual provides a choice of thirteen or more languages.
Hunting and Fishing Calculator & Celestial Tables (Bilingual only): With version 2.04 software or later the eTrex Bilingual
will provide recommendations for the best time to hunt and fish at a recorded waypoint location as well as sun and moon calculations.
WAAS-enabled: Recently released eTrex units are WAAS-enabled!

MAP FEATURE DISPLAY ON THE ETREX: Although the eTrex does not display maps, user "map features" can be created on a PC for download to the eTrex to enhance the display! Click here for suggestions.

NOW AVAILABLE: Tri-M Reradiating Antennas for mobile use with the eTrex!
Mighty Mouse Wide Reradiating Antenna and Reradiating Big Brother Antenna

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Garmin eTrex Specifications
Garmin eTrex Independant Review
Garmin eTrex User's Manual

waas enabled

Ships with Owner's Manual & wrist strap.

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What are the differences?

eTrex (See notes below)
(or 010-00190-07)

eTrex Bilingual is the usual model supplied by GARMIN to dealers in Canada, but occasionally we receive shipments of the English-only model if the Bilingual model is not available.
If you order eTrex we will fill the order with whichever model we have in stock, but if you specifically request eTrex Bilingual you will receive a unit with French & English Manuals & packaging.
When updating eTrex software from the GARMIN website, please ensure that you select the correct version for your unit: eTrex for the English only model (010-00190-00), eTrex European for the multilingual model (010-00190-01). NB: The eTrex European update is accessible from the GARMIN's Software Downloads page

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