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Garmin eTrex Legend

The Garmin eTrex Legend has been discontinued and replaced with the eTrex Legend H. See more Garmin handheld GPS units here>>

GARMIN's lowest cost mapping GPS with WAAS!

The Garmin eTrex Legend includes a built-in Americas Highway basemap for North, South and Central America, containing lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, highways, coastlines and interstate exit information (exit information for USA only). [NOTE: Legend models available outside North America may contain the Atlantic or Pacific basemap instead] The 8 megabytes of built-in (non-expandable) memory allows the Legend to accept downloaded map data from Garmin's entire line of MapSource CDROMs including MapSource MetroGuide which offers residential street-level detail, addresses and points of interest.

Mapping detail is presented on a high resolution liquid crystal display (268 x 160 pixel, FSTN).

The waterproof Garmin eTrex Legend has a rocker switch on the front which allows for quick and accurate map panning, as well as selection and enter functions. As a result of new processing speed, built-in memory and the high resolution display, eTrex Legend offers full-feature navigation capabilities. Satellite status, navigation displays and mapping provide details for both the basic and advanced user. Position format may be selected including Latitude/Longitude, MGRS and Loran TDs. The Legend meets the IEC 529 IPX7 waterproofness standard (submersible for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter) NB: Electronics are protected if immersed, but battery compartment may get wet. Make sure batteries and compartment are dry before using.

waas enabled The Legend can provide position accuracy to less than 3 metres when receiving WAAS corrections.
bluechart compatible The Legend now has limited compatibility with BlueChart Marine Cartography on CDROM! A firmware upgrade may be required.
Marine navigational aids (Americas Marine Points of Interest) are pre-loaded into the built-in user memory from the factory (not part of the basemap).
• If MapSource data is loaded to the Legend, the preloaded
Marine POI database will be erased. To recover this data the Preloaded Map Database file can be downloaded from GARMIN's web site.

MapSource data and the Marine POI database cannot be loaded at the same time.

ENHANCING THE ETREX LEGEND DISPLAY: User "map features" can be created on a PC for download to enhance the display! Click here for suggestions.

Important Features for a Hiking GPS: Click here for "My First GPS for Hiking: What Features does it need" by Joe Mehaffey

A Farmer's Comment:
"I am very pleased with the Legend I purchased from you a month ago. It is excellent for farming as I jump on the Quad, do a quick run around my fields, and it gives me the exact # of acres. Also while I was air seeding, I marked any stones I wanted to remove with a waypoint. Yesterday I went out with the stonepicker, and went right to where they were. I could never have remembered them without the Legend quiding me. Most times I would use the map to find the stones, but if that didn't work, I would click "go to", and it would guide me right to them and tell me how many minutes/seconds I was away. I never had so much fun picking stones before!"

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Garmin eTrex Legend Review
garmin etrex legend
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Garmin etrex legend GPS Receiver

Ships with: PC Serial Interface Cable, Manual, Quick Reference Card

Basemap: The version of the eTrex Legend sold in North America contains the Americas Highway basemap. We are not able to supply units with an Atlantic or Pacific basemap

What are the differences?

Garmin eTrex Legend

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