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Garmin StreetPilot III  Deluxe

SPIIIThe StreetPilot III offers true turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompting (choose from several languages!) with its auto-routing feature. The StreetPilot III is fully portable and will operate on battery power for a few hours.

The StreetPilot III does not require monthly service fees, installation, or an external processor. Instead, street-level mapsets can be quickly downloaded from GARMIN PC-based MapSource CD-ROMs onto a removable memory cartridge.

The StreetPilot III Deluxe provides full map coverage for the United States and improved Canadian coverage. The included MapSource North America City Navigator CD provides millions of streets for nearly every town in the United States and improved coverage for Canada. Use GARMIN's MapSource Map Viewer to see map detail.

• The StreetPilot III Deluxe includes full unlock for all maps contained on the CD, with no internet access required for unlock.
• A 128MB data card ships as standard.
• A Portable bean bag mount is included in the standard package.

The unit's built-in Americas Autoroute basemap provides detail for interstates, interstate exit data, highways, rivers and lakes in the United States, Canada and Mexico (no exit data in Mexico), plus commonly used streets in metropolitan areas as well as ferry routes. The built-in basemap will provide turn-by-turn guidance to a destination with the calculated route displayed as a highlighted Magenta Line.  

With downloaded maps from MapSource City Navigator (included with purchase), StreetPilot III provides turn-by-turn guidance down to residential street-level detail. By simply entering an address or intersection or pointing at the map, the StreetPilot III will automatically calculate a route and provide turn-by-turn directions to that location. If the calculated route is deviated from, a new route will immediately be calculated.

The mapping software contains turn restrictions and users can also look up services and points of interest and view the address, phone number and map location. "Faster Time", "Shorter Distance", or "Off Road" can be selected for route calculation, and the user can choose among routes for Car, Truck, Bus, Emergency, Taxi, Delivery, Bicycle, Pedestrian, as well as being able to request that U-turns, Toll Roads or Highways be avoided in routes. Voice commands are provided through a combination 12-volt power adapter and external speaker system which has volume control and muting capabilities. The StreetPilot III can easily be viewed in any lighting condition, thanks to its 4-inch, 16 colour, high resolution display (305 x 160 pixels) and backlighting on screen for low-visibility driving.

• The StreetPilot III will perform automatic route calculation from ONLY the built-in basemap, maps loaded from the City Navigator or City Select CD-ROMs (with reduced routing information).
• Maps from other MapSource products can be loaded into the StreetPilot III to provide additional detail in areas not covered by City Navigator, but auto-routing is not available.

Click here to view "Practical tips for generating MANUAL routes" Courtesy

CUSTOMER PIC: Here's a photo of my Garmin Pilot III guiding me up and over a water crossing at the east arm of Great Slave lake. Helicopter is a Bell 206 Jetranger. Just climbed through 2000ft for 3000ft to get over the crossing. On my way back from the eastern arctic to Yellowknife. Enjoy... Jeff G. 15/09/06

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StreetPilot III Deluxe includes: Unit, Automotive Mounting Bracket, Portable bean bag mount, PC Interface Cable, 12-volt Adapter Cable with External Speaker, 128 MB Data Card, USB Data Card Programmer, Enhanced MapSource City Navigator CDROM with a Custom Unlock Code for the entire CD, Manual and Quick Reference Card.

Basemap: The version of the StreetPilot III sold in North America contains the Americas Autoroute basemap. We are not able to supply units with the Atlantic basemap.

Voice Language Packages now available, click here:
The StreetPilot III has memory space for two internal voice languages. Choose one from: English (UK), English (USA), German, Dutch.
Choose the second from: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

StreetPilot III Deluxe

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