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Icom IC-FR6000
Unique Analog & IDAS UHF Repeater

Purchaser MUST have a letter of approval from the licensee, as ALL commercial radios sold by GPS Central will be programmed with the approved frequencies before leaving our premises.

Licensing is the responsibility of the purchaser by Industry Canada.

To obtain a license:
1. Register: Online Registration - Spectrum Management System (
2. Fill out license application: Radiocommunication Licensing Services - Spectrum Management System

The IC-FR6000 series combines superior analog specifications with competitive cost performance. Its slim, rackmount design allows you to install two RF modules* in one unit. In addition, the built-in IDAS digital mode paves the way to a future digital migration now.

* Optional UR-FR5000/UR-FR6000 is required.

Two RF modules in one unit

The IC-FR6000 series has an internal space for installing an optional RF unit, UR-FR6000 series. Two RF modules can be installed in a chassis reducing installation space, and increasing channel capacity. They can be programmed and operated independently.

50W output at 50% duty cycle,
25W 100% duty cycle operation*

Employing a high performance power amplifier, the IC-FR6000 series provides a reliable 100% duty cycle operation at 25W output. When operated at the high power setting of 50W, the repeater operates with a 50% duty cycle.

* Ambient temperature: 25°C

50W output at 100% duty cycle,
100W 50% duty cycle operation with optional Power Amplifier*

When need higher power, the optional UR-PA5000 series power amplifier provides 100W output power with a 50% duty cycle and 50W output with 100% duty cycle.

* Ambient temperature: 25°C

19-inch rack mount design, 2U height low profile design

The IC-FR6000 series has a rack mount bracket and handles for installation in an industry standard 19-inch rack.

Multiple CTCSS and DTCS tone decode

The IC-FR6000 series detects multiple CTCSS and DTCS on a channel (up to 16 tones on a table) and downlinks (transmits) the received signal with a specified tone. This function is useful for sharing a channel with multiple groups.

Base station operation

The IC-FR6000 series has 5 programmable buttons, 12-digit dot-matrix display and 32 memory channels allowing you to use the repeater as a base station.

Other features

  • Programmable accessory connector (D-sub 25-pin) for connecting trunking controllers or other external devices
  • 5-Tone and DTMF encoder/decoder
  • CW ID transmitter
  • Normal and priority scan setting
  • Wide frequency coverage
  • Built-in audio compander
  • Optional voice scrambler UT-109R/UT-110R and built-in inversion type voice scrambler*
* Inversion type voice scrambler is not compatible with UT-109R/UT-110R voice scrambler.
Icom IC-FR6000 Specifications
Frequency coverage
400-470 MHz, 450-520 MHz
Number of channels
32 ch
Channel spacing
6.25/12.5/25 or 7.5/15/30 kHz
Type of emission
16K0F3E, 11K0F3E, 11K0F7E/D/W, 8K50F3E (EXP version only), 4K00F1E/D, 4K00F3E
Current drain
Tx High
Max. audio
400mA (Repeater operation only)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(projections not included)

483×88×260 mm; 19.02×3.46×10.24 in

Weight (approx.)

5.6kg; 12.3lb

Power supply requirement
13.6V DC
RF output power (High)
Spurious emissions
Frequency stability
Audio harmonic distortion
1% typical; 40% deviation
FM Hum and Noise
52dB typ. (W); 49dB typ. (N)
Digital FSK error
5% max.
FM at 12dB SINAD
0.25µV (typ.)
Digital at 5% BER
0.20μV (typ.)
Adjacent channel selectivity (W/N)
78/56dB typ
Spurious response rejection
90dB (typ.)
Intermodulation rejection
78dB (typ.)
AF output power
(at 5% distortion with an 4 Ω load)
4W (typ.)

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and passed the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.

Standard MIL-810 F
Method, Proc.
High Temperature Storage
501.4 I
High Temperature Operation
501.4 II
Low Temperature Storage
502.4 I
Low Temperature Operation
502.4 II
514.5 I
Shock Functional
516.5 I
All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
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Package Includes:
• IC-FR6000

• DC power cable
• Key assign stickers
• Handle kits





Icom IC-FR6000 Analog & IDAS UHF Repeater


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