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K-Drill IDRL08 - 8" Auger Only

Introducing the K-Drill Ice Auger Systems
Efficient and light weight performance best describes the K-Drill Ice Augers. 8” K-Drill Ice Augers are designed to be driven with rechargeable electric drills or gas power heads. The unique center tips and high carbon steel replaceable chipper blades allows for quick and clean holes under all ice conditions, and works exceptionally well when re-opening existing holes.

The K-Drill has its own floatation system to prevent it from sinking down the hole if it should come detached from the drill.

The K-Drill Ice Auger requires a ½ inch drill chuck brushless Lithium Ion electric drill. The K-Drill is designed to function best at 500-750 rpm and requires minimum of 725 in – lbs of torque from your electric drill.

Highlights of K-Drill Ice Auger Systems:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Ships with all the hardware needed to mount to your drill
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Compatible with most latest ½ inch chuck-cordless drills - Drill NOT included
  • Aluminum cutter head & drive tube
  • Composite flighting
  • Length: 36"
  • K-Drill Ice Auger weighs just 5 lbs

Efficient Design
Years in the making the K-Drill is the first of its kind to match drilling speed with rechargeable electric drill efficiency. More holes between battery charges means more fishing time.

K-Drill Safety Tips

  • Do not remove the blade cover until you are ready to drill - Blades are sharp!  Keep the safety cover on the cutting head at all times unless you are actually drilling holes.  
  • Do not leave drill unattended in partially drilled hole
  • Train inexperienced operators to regularly clear hole during drilling
  • Keep all loose clothing away from auger
  • During the operation of cutting the ice, the auger could possibly stop if it comes in contact with a foreign object or if it binds in the hole. In conditions of thick ice, be sure to pull the auger out of the ice several times to assure excess ice shavings do not buildup in the hole this will bind the drill and make it hard to lift out once hole is complete.  Beyond 24" of ice it is best to clear the hole of ice shavings every 5 seconds. 
  • After cutting the ice fishing holes, the auger should ALWAYS be set in a safe place to prevent personal injury or damage to the auger shaft or blade(s).
  • Keep your electric drill assembly out of water and remember a warm fully charged battery will assure your drill will be operating at its maxim performance and will deliver the maximum # of holes per charge.


At the end of the ice fishing season before storing for summer, please spray WD-40 on the blades to prevent rusting during the off season.

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k-drill drl06

In the Box:
• 8" Auger
• Safety cover



K-Drill 8" Ice Auger Only

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