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Kenwood TH-D74A
APRS/D-STAR 144/220/430 MHz Tribander Radio

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pdf Kenwood TH-D74A Brochure

Software Downloads
Firmware Updating Program TH-D74 Firmware Update Version 1.03 (Free)
~ Memory Control Program MCP-D74 Version 1.00 (Free)
~ Frequency Control Program ARFC-D74 Version 1.00 (Free)
~ TH-D74A/E Virtual COM Port Driver (Free)
~ TH-D74A/E D-STAR Repeater List "D74_20160816_E.tsv" (747KB) 

Find up-to-date software here

Introducing the TH-D74A for the ultimate in APRS® and D-STAR® performance. KENWOOD has already garnered an enviable reputation with the TH-D72A handheld APRS® amateur radio transceiver. And now it has raised the bar even further with the new TH-D74A, adding support for D-STAR®, the digital voice & data protocol developed by the JARL, and enabling simultaneous APRS and D-STAR operation –an industry first.

Offering intuitive operation and rugged IP54/55 weatherproofing, this top-of-the-line portable transceiver features built-in GPS, wide-band multi-mode reception, IF filters, DSP equalizer, a transflective TFT color display, microSD memory slot and Bluetooth/USB connectivity.

• Full APRS compliance using packet communication to exchange real-time GPS position information and messages
• Compliant with digital/voice mode D-STAR digital amateur radio networks
• Built-in high performance GPS unit with Auto Clock Setting
• Wide-band and multi-mode reception
• 1.74” (240 x 180 pixel) Transflective color TFT display
• IF Filtering for improved SSB/CW/AM reception
• High performance DSP-based audio processing & voice recording
• Compliant with Bluetooth, microSD & Micro-USB standards
• External Decode function (PC Decode 12kHz IF Output, BW:15 kHz)
• Command / Control Protocol (ARFC, PC, Smartphone)
• Data Import / Export, (Digital Repeater List, Call sign, Memory Channel)
• Four TX Power selections (5/2/0.5/0.05 W)
• Weatherproof IP54/55 standards

Compatible with the APRS communication protocol, which allows real-time two-way data transmission by using packet communications, This stand-alone device provides enjoyment of communications that make use of a variety of features, including sharing of local and GPS positional information, and message exchange.

Other station positional information, weather station information
The new feature "relative display compass" enables real-time GPS information for your station ‘at a glance’, information for your own station set in advance, or the distance/direction heading/speed of other stations. It is now easier to confirm the relationship with your own station's position and heading. Weather station information can be displayed in color, such as rainfall, temperature, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure and humidity data.

Station list and object compatibility
A maximum of 100 stations can be stored, including mobile stations, base stations, weather stations and objects. It is also possible to limit or sort the kinds of stations received. Local information can also be transmitted as an "object."

Messaging functionality
Real-time messaging is possible between stations running APRS. Messages
can be sent by inputting text via the keys on the panel or selecting a message template.

QSY Functionality
FM or D-STAR voice channels can be set according to frequencies or D-STAR repeaters information embedded in beacons from APRS stations enabling fast QSY. D-STAR gateway communication is also set automatically.

The built-in KISS mode TNC for APRS enables APRS operation via PC after connection via USB or Bluetooth.

APRS menu settings
The unit is also compatible with a variety of features that expand its scope of operation, including SmartBeaconing, Decay Algorithm, Proportional Pathing and APRS voice.

Compatible with D-STAR, the amateur radio communications network that has both voice and data modes. Both local and international communications are possible through diverse operations including simplex communications, single repeater relay communications, and inter-repeater gateway communications.

Compatible with D-STAR, as developed by JARL
The unit is compatible with the D-STAR amateur radio digital communication system developed by the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL). Enjoy a variety of communication methods with the clear voice only digital can deliver.

DV fast data mode
The unit features a DV fast data mode that accelerates communication throughput by sending data on unused voice frames to achieve more comfortable data transmission.

Simple operation in DR (D-STAR Repeater) mode
The calling of other stations is made simpler by setting access repeaters and other stations after selecting them from a list. The unit includes a direct reply function that enables a reply after pressing PTT for calling in gateway communications, as well as a function that enables icon-display confirmation of accessibility during kerchunk or gateway communications. A maximum of 120 communication history items can be stored, with other stations able to be easily reset from the communication history.

Setting via the digital function menu
The appeal of D-STAR is being able to enjoy a variety of operating styles. The unit employs a separate menu that enables one-touch operation switching.

Easily updated repeater list
The latest repeater lists can be downloaded from the internet. Updates to the latest information can also be performed via a PC, using a USB cable, via Bluetooth or a micro SD card.

Inherit the reputable KENWOOD sound
Enjoy clear-voice and easily heard communications through KENWOOD custom tuned sound quality based on knowhow accumulated over many years and the latest in audio engineering.

Wideband and multimode reception
Wideband reception is possible on Band B. In addition to DV/DV Fast Data/FM/NFM/WFM/AM on the 0.1~524MHz bands, SSB/CW reception is also possible. The unit comes with a fine mode that achieves zeroing-in with a minimum step frequency of 20Hz*1, and is equipped with a bar antenna*2 for 0.1~10MHz reception. It also has VxV, UxU, and VxU simultaneous receive functionality.

Built-in IF receiving filter is for comfortable reception
The IF reduces neighboring interference signals during SSB or CW reception, and enables low-interference reception with its excellent skirting capacity. (Selectable range: SSB: 2.2~3.0 kHz, CW: 0.3~2.0 kHz, AM: 3.0~7.5 kHz)

IF output mode
Capable of output to a USB port of an IF signal with a central frequency of 12kHz and a bandwidth of 15kHz, enabling smart reception of all kinds of data via a PC.

High-performance DSP voice processing
The unit comes equipped with an audio equalizer that enables the setting of each of a 5-band reception EQ (0.4~6.4kHz) and 4-band transmission EQ (0.4~3.2kHz), making it possible to adjust sound quality to your preference.

Visibility and user-friendliness taken into account
The unit uses TFT transflective color liquid crystals, and using reflected light and a backlight, achieves superior visibility in both dark places and bright places such as in sunlight. In addition to the cross-shaped key structure, the keypad incorporates highly-operable flat and slim key-tops for a combination of high-quality aesthetics and operability.

Easily understandable pop-up screens
For easy visual comprehension of pop-up screens, APRS uses blue as a background color, while D-STAR uses green.

Tough weatherproofing meeting IP54/ 55 standards
Kenwood increased dust and water resistant in anticipation of tough conditions, using heavy-duty specs so you never have to worry about the dusty outdoors or sudden showers.

Built-in GPS
The unit is equipped with a high-performance GPS patch antenna. It also features closest D-STAR repeater search, along with a GPS receiver function that stores movement paths, and an automatic time correction function.

Standard compatibility on a rich interface
The unit features standard compatibility for Bluetooth. Micro SD / SDHC memory card and micro-USB ports are also included, enabling operation via an interface flexibly linked with a PC.

Greater convenience through free PC software
Available software includes the MCP-D74*3 program, which enables the management of settings including memory on a PC, and the ARFC-D74*3 program, which enables free changing of the unit’s frequency via PC.
*3: The MCP-D74 and ARFC-D74 programs are available post-sale for download from the Kenwood website.

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kenwood th-d74

Package Includes:
• TH-D74A
• Li-ion battery pack (7.4V/1,800mAh)
AC adapter/charger
• Belt clip

• Instruction Manual





Kenwood TH-D74A D-Star/FM Tribander Radio


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